Monday is Election Day – The Time to Act is Now!

Thanks to the thousands of Public Transit Coalition supporters, we’ve achieved a lot in the lead up to “E-Day”. We’ve launched a new website, featuring an engaging video on the importance of keeping the TTC public, we’ve advertised our cause on TV, in print and throughout the TTC, and we’ve graded candidates’ commitment to maintain and improve our TTC.

It’s now up to you to elect a Mayor and Councillor who share our priorities.

We’ve made it clear who supports our pledge to keep the TTC public, properly funded by all levels of governments, and who will work to complete the Transit City plan that was promised to us.  Click here to review our report cards and see where candidates stand on transit issues.

To see how candidates have been graded on public transit and other important issues by PTC partner organizations click here.

Now’s your turn to step up and help those candidates who share our vision for Toronto’s public transit system. The final push is on and candidates across the City need help now! Please get in touch with the candidates with the highest scores on our report cards and ask how you can help them get to City Hall.

On Monday, make sure you vote for the candidate who cares enough about all of our neighbourhoods to deliver decent transit to all of Toronto now!

Pantalone Gets Top Mark on Transit Report Card

Mayoral hopeful Joe Pantalone received the top grade in the Public Transit Coalition’s  Report Card which rates where the leading mayoral candidates stand on key issues facing the TTC.  Candidates were sent a ten-question survey on a range of transit-related issues from keeping the TTC public to keeping fares in check. The complete list of survey questions and candidate responses can be found at

The report card makes it clear where the top 4 mayoral candidates stand on key issues facing the TTC.  Joe Pantalone scores an A+, George Smitherman gets a B, and Rob Ford and Rocco Rossi got Fs as both failed to complete the survey.

The survey asked ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions to find out where candidates stand on issues including:

  • Public-private partnerships (PPPs) and other forms of privatizing the TTC
  • Building the Transit City Light Rail Plan by 2020
  • Keeping TTC fares in check
  • Provincial funding for TTC operating costs
  • Maintaining existing TTC service levels and expanding service to all wards
  • Keeping City Councillors on the Transit Commission

Transit has been a top issue in this election. Our report card provides Torontonians with a tool to show which mayoral candidate has the best vision for how to improve public transit. If you care about the TTC ,review this report card before you vote on October 25th.