We all have a right to excellent, accessible public transit

The Public Transit Coalition believes that Toronto residents should be free to travel where we want, when we want, in a reasonable length of time. Our Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments have a responsibility to guarantee this fundamental freedom. In an urban area this is only possible with excellent public transit.

The Public Transit Coalition is an independent, non-partisan movement based on the principles that:

  1. Transit works because it is public, and government oversight and accountability are critical to its success.
  2. All governments have a responsibility to fund it adequately to ensure a high level of service and affordable fares.
  3. Every neighbourhood has a right to excellent, accessible public transit service. In Toronto this means that the Transit City Light Rail plan needs to be completed.

But transit is about more than moving people: it is about building cities. Toronto is a growing city and it will not be able to function if people are not offered an alternative to driving a car.

If we want to live in a sustainable, vibrant, prosperous and inclusive city in the future we need to invest today. The Public Transit Coalition is committed to ensuring that this investment is made.