Speak out. Send a message. Save Transit City.

Are you tired of waiting for overcrowded buses?

Are you upset that the Province broke its promise and cut $4 Billion in funding for Transit City?

Do you think all Torontonians deserve good public transit no matter where in the City they live?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you need to join us for the launch of the Public Transit Coalition on Wednesday April 21st, 6pm at City Hall!

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We need to pack the room to show our elected officials that there is a steep political price to pay if they don’t change their minds and build Transit City!

At the launch we’ll debut a public transit pledge we want all Councillors, MPPs and candidates to take to guarantee that we are electing people who support strong public transit for Toronto.

Fully funded, affordable and rapid transit is critical to our economic prosperity, our environmental future and our goal of building a city that is equitable and provides opportunity for all.

Join us in demanding that the province and elected officials live up to their end of the bargain.

Right now, you can help save Transit City by visiting and emailing the Premier (sample text provided).