The importance of the pledge

Sign our pledge to send a direct message to Premier McGuinty and our elected officials. We want to see Transit City built on time and we won’t be ignored!

  • More than 10,000 jobs are at stake!
  • Building Transit City will create more than 10 000 jobs in the skilled trades, engineering and construction. Through partnership programs like HammerHeads, many of these jobs will be targeted to youth in Toronto’s Priority Neighbourhoods.
  • An extensive 120 km network of dedicated, fully accessible LRT rapid transit will mean reliable public transit that can bring our city together.
  • Light rail vehicles are highly energy efficient — they produce 92% less CO2 than automobiles and 83% less CO2 than diesel buses, with zero local-area or “tailpipe” emissions
  • All of Toronto deserves reliable, accessible rapid transit!

In addition to saving Transit City, our Coalition aims to bring all three levels of government back to the table to support public transit operation.

  • TTC raises more than 70 per cent of its revenue from the farebox – the highest amount of any transit property in North America.
  • Since the 1990s, neither the provincial or federal government has provided ongoing operating support to the TTC. With the 2010 budget Premier McGuinty earned the dubious distinction of being the first Ontario Premier to provide $0 operating subsidy to the TTC.
  • Without this support, fares will continue to rise at an unacceptable rate.
  • Not only is it critical to our economic prosperity to have public investment in transit so that our economy can move, it is critical to building a fair and equitable city to make transit affordable.

Finally, the Public Transit Coalition wants to make sure that public transit stays public.

  • Some municipal candidates have toyed with the idea of privatizing all or part of the TTC and removing elected officials from the Board of Directors
  • Experience (see our fact sheet: here) shows that not only is privatization a losing proposition for the public purse, it also leads to a decline in service for riders and increased fares. One need look no further than the 407ETR, or Air Canada to see how well the public has been served by privatization.
  • Torontonians deserve a TTC that is governed by a board of directors that is accountable to the local public interest and operates with transparency.

Join thousands of people and sign the pledge: