Public Transit Coalition Press Release: Province to Cut and Delay Transit City

For Immediate Release
Thursday May 6, 2010

Province to Cut and Delay Transit City

A dramatically smaller expansion of Light Rail Transit (LRT) transit into Toronto’s inner suburbs which will take six year longer to build is now being proposed by Metrolinx, the Province’s arms-length GTA transit agency, according to the Toronto Star.

“Today Torontonians, especially those in our inner suburbs have been told not just to wait, but to expect less,” said Jamie Kirkpatrick, Campaigner with the Toronto Environmental Alliance and spokesperson for the Public Transit Coalition. “They’re now getting 3/4 of what they were promised and have to wait at least six more years.”

The $4 billion “delay” in Provincial funding for four LRT lines has led Metrolinx to develop a plan that will build only 70% of the original proposed LRT lines and 75% of the originally proposed stops.

Since March 25th the Province has been telling Torontonians they are committed to the Transit City Light Rail plan and that the $4 billion delay won’t affect Transit City.

Last Friday, the Province sent a letter to the City that stated the Province remains committed to make the investments in the Transit City projects
that have been announced.

“The Province’s ‘delay’ has now clearly become a cut. There can be no arguing that the Province has broken its promise to support Transit City,” said Kirkpatrick. “Instead, we have a transit plan that will have Torontonians wait longer for less.”