Despite Your Objections Metrolinx Champions a Slower, Smaller Transit City

Yesterday was a sad day for transit users as the Metrolinx Board chose to ignore the more than 12,000 Torontonians who signed our pledge in the last few weeks demanding the original Transit City LRT Plan be built.

In a packed room full of transit users, the Metrolinx Board ignored the Public Transit Coalition’s recommendation to request the Province proceed with the original Transit City Plan and instead adopted a staff recommendation to build only parts of the first four Transit City lines.

Called the “5 in 10” Plan, the Metrolinx proposal will mean no new LRT service for many Torontonians in our inner suburbs who were promised new Transit City lines for their neighbourhoods. It will also mean significant delays in building the shorter LRT lines, in some cases up to six years.

All of this has been justified on an unproven belief that the Provincial economy is better off delaying Transit City development than proceeding with it.

Metrolinx will now send the “5 in 10” Plan to the Province for the final decision. Stay tuned as the Public Transit Coalition continues to advocate for equitable transit plans and continues to tell Premier McGuinty that this delay is unacceptable