Meeting with East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club

On June 18th, we met with the East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club. The participants spoke a lot about having to travel long distances to get to work and school. They stressed that the bus service is really poor, it does not stay on schedule, and that the buses were always full.

The youth were aware that Scarborough is a very under-served area and that better transit would help them get access to better jobs, schools, and connect them with the rest of the city. A couple of the youth traveled an hour and a half to get to the meeting because they lived in the Scarborough Malvern area and there is no direct line to take them to the Kingston –Galloway area in southern Scarborough. They were very concerned about losing the Scarborough Malvern Transit City line.

The youth spoke about raising awareness in their communities using social media, websites, youtube, other media such as newspaper, writing letters to their MPP about transit, organizing a protest or a march, and starting a petition.