Meeting with the North York Community House

On June 29th we were in Lawrence Heights and met with people at the North York Community House. Residents were very concerned about transit because most use it to get to work and many had experiences of long commute and wait times for buses.

They described buses that are always full, others that are sometimes not in service or short turn, which they said causes major delays. The high price of fares was a big issue and many people could not afford using the TTC on a daily basis.

Some residents had quit jobs because it took too long to travel to work by public transit and they could not afford to spend 5 hours a day commuting. Residents were very upset that some of the lines were cut to the Transit City plan such as the Jane line because many people live along Jane street and the bus service there is inadequate.

Residents discussed ways to get people engaged in their communities such as distributing public transit coalition materials in schools, mall, grocery stores, and through networks. They also suggested going to community events such as festivals, multicultural fairs, and barbecues to speak to others about transit. Residents also thought it would be useful to contact MPPs and let them know that people are really concerned about transit in Toronto, either through meetings or letter writing.