Meeting with Rexdale Health Centre

On June 17th we met with community members of the Rexdale Health Centre. The residents of this community were very concerned with a lack of adequate transit in Rexdale. They were aware that buses don’t come to every neighbourhood and in some neighbourhoods in Rexdale residents have to walk a long time to get to a bus stop. This means that they spend longer times commuting to work and school than others in Toronto.

We heard from one resident that in the winter it is particularly difficult because the snow is not shoveled on the sidewalks and it takes them even longer to get to a bus stop. They were also concerned with the multiple fares they had to pay when they travel to Mississauga or Brampton for work.

Transit is very expensive for newcomers, and many have a hard time affording it. They expressed a dire need for transit expansion in their neighbourhood in order for Rexdale not to be isolated from the rest of the city and to spend less time commuting and more time with family and friends.

Residents suggested that the best way to raise awareness in their community is to go to community events and places people gather such as community fairs and festivals, barbeques, summer camps for children, and farmers markets. They also suggested putting articles about transit city and transit expansion in non-English and local newspapers so more people can learn about transit issues.