Meeting with UofT Scarborough Students’ Union Board

On June 30th we met with the UofT Scarborough Students’ Union Board of Directors. The students were very frustrated with public transit in their community. People were used to traveling over one and a half hours one way to get somewhere in Toronto because the public transit in Scarborough is so inadequate.

One student shared his experience of transferring four times on four different buses in order to get to University. Many other students had to wake up early in order to get a ride to school or leave early in the morning to ensure they would get to school on time. The students of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus were promised a transit line that would stop by their school in exchange for financially contributing to and hosting Pan Am events on their campus. They were very upset to find out that the Scarborough Malvern line that would have taken them directly from Kennedy station to their campus was not part of the current Metrolinx announcement for 2020.

The students suggested ways to raise awareness among the student body at UTSC. They want to make transit a part of their voter education campaign to get people to debate and discuss the issue of transit in Toronto. They also talked about connecting to clubs on campus, creating a video about transit riders experiences, and having more meetings open to the student body about transit and the Transit City Light Rail plan.