Meeting with Working Women Community Centre

On June 21st we had a meeting at the Working Women Community Centre. Participants discussed the frustration of spending over 3 hours a day in transit to get to work or to the services they need. They also pointed out that the service was very inefficient; buses were never on time, the transfer does not allow you get on and off the transit line, and they think the fare is much too high for what they receive.

Participants are concerned about the delays in funding to the Transit City Light Rail plan because they are aware of how underfunded Toronto’s transit system already is. As newcomers, they were surprised that for such a large city our transit system was so inadequate and underfunded.

They spoke about the Tokyo, Paris, and New York subway systems as examples of adequate transit lines. They were dismayed that it takes them so long to get around Toronto and a couple people had to buy cars so they could spend more time with their families and doing other activities instead of spending their time commuting.

Participants thought that some the best ways to get people engaged in transit issues was to use media such as video, the internet, or newspapers to spread awareness about Transit City and the lack of funding. Participants also suggested that organizing a protest, petitions and MPP meetings would be helpful in getting the politicians to put transit back on their agendas.