Meeting with Albion Neighbourhood Services

On July 10th, 2010 we met with Albion Neighbourhood Services. The residents in Rexdale expressed the need for creating new jobs in their community and were distressed to find out that the jobs that would have been created by the Transit City plan have been scaled back quite significantly. Also of concern was the lack of operating funding to the TTC by the Provincial and Federal government which results in fare hikes. The residents, some of whom were newcomers, pointed out that it was very expensive and unaffordable for newcomers in their neighbourhood to take transit. They also expressed frustration at the fact that the fares were so high yet the services were limited (e.g. not enough buses, frequency of buses, not being able to get on a off the TTC with a transfer).

The residents discussed a number of different ways to get people more engaged in transit issues such as doing outreach at different community events and places were people gather such as the mall. One suggestion was riding the buses and going to bus stops in Rexdale and talking with people about Transit City and the delays/cuts in funding to the project and how it will affect them as TTC users. They also talked about connecting with civic engagement meetings that are being held by different organizations and networks such as the Neighbourhood Action Plan and seeing if we could put transit on their agenda.