Hazel McCallion disappointed with Metrolinx delays

Hazel McCallion, Mayor of the City of Mississauga, recently wrote to Premier Dalton McGuinty and Mr. J. Robert S. Prichard, President and CEO of Metrolinx. She enclosed a resolution adopted by the City of Mississauga on July 7th. Both McCallion’s letter and Metrolinx’s reply can be found here (pdf).

In her letter Mayor McCallion says:

“…the recent implementation of the Metrolinx “Achieving 5 in 10” Plan, delays to the ECLRT [Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit] extension to Pearson Airport (“Airport”) will now go beyond 2020, thereby creating a 7.5 kilometre gap between the proposed Jane Street terminus and the Renforth Gateway Mobility Hub. For more than seven years, Toronto transit riders destined to the Airport and surrounding employment area will be required to make additional transfers.”

Mayor McCallion goes on to say:

“The ECLRT extension to the Airport presents an attractive opportunity to connect the Mississauga Bus Rapid Transit (“BRT”) system to the Renforth Gateway Mobility Hub creating a seamless transit connection and maximizing significant investments by the Province in the Mississauga BRT Corridor and ECLRT projects.”

See the Resolution adopted by the City of Mississauga as well as correspondence between Mayor McCallion and Metrolinx here (pdf).