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The Public Transit Coalition believes that Toronto residents should be free to travel where we want, when we want, in a reasonable length of time. Our Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments have a responsibility to guarantee this fundamental freedom. In an urban area this is only possible with excellent public transit.

The Public Transit Coalition is an independent, non-partisan movement based on the principles that:

  1. Transit works because it is public, and government oversight and accountability are critical to its success.
  2. All governments have a responsibility to fund it adequately to ensure a high level of service and affordable fares.
  3. Every neighbourhood has a right to excellent, accessible public transit service. In Toronto this means that the Transit City Light Rail plan needs to be completed.

But transit is about more than moving people: it is about building cities. Toronto is a growing city and it will not be able to function if people are not offered an alternative to driving a car.

If we want to live in a sustainable, vibrant, prosperous and inclusive city in the future we need to invest today. The Public Transit Coalition is committed to ensuring that this investment is made.

Who we are

The Public Transit Coalition is a collaborative of thousands of Torontonians
who agree that the TTC must be kept public, be properly funded by all levels of Government, and that the Transit City Light Rail plan be completed by 2020. To date, over 12,000 individuals have become members.

The following organizations are supporting members of the Public Transit Coalition:

Afghan Women’s Centre
Agincourt Community Services Association
ATU Local 113
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)
Canadian Federation of Students – Ontario
Chinese Canadian National Council -Toronto Chapter
Community Action Resource Centre
CUPE Ontario
Dorset Park Action for Neighbourhood Change
Federation of Metro Tenants
Good Jobs for All Coalition
Graduate Students’ Union – University of Toronto
Greenpeace Canada
JVS Toronto
Malvern Action for Neighbourhood Change
Mount Dennis Community Association
New Heights Community Health Centre
Public Interest
Residents Rising
Sierra Club Ontario
Social Planning Toronto (SPT)
South Riverdale Community Health Centre
Steeles-L’Amoreaux Action for
Neighbourhood Change
The STOP Community Food Centre
Toronto – ACORN
Toronto Drop-in Network (TDIN)
Toronto and York Region Labour Council
Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA)
Toronto Renewable Energy Coop
Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office
The Cutting Veg
West Hill Community Services
Working Women Community Centre

Are you an organization or community group interested in becoming a supportive member of the coalition?

Do you agree that the TTC must be kept public, be properly funded by all levels of Government, and that the Transit City Light Rail plan be completed by 2020?

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