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Press Release: New campaign warns Torontonians to avoid mistakes other cities made privatizing public transit:

Today, the Public Transit Coalition (PTC) launched a major multimedia campaign with a very simple message: privatizing public transit will be a disaster for Toronto. This is in response to mayoral candidates who have mused about public-private partnerships and outsourcing for the TTC. “Some mayoral candidates want the private sector to play a substantial role […]

Hazel McCallion disappointed with Metrolinx delays

Hazel McCallion, Mayor of the City of Mississauga, recently wrote to Premier Dalton McGuinty and Mr. J. Robert S. Prichard, President and CEO of Metrolinx. She enclosed a resolution adopted by the City of Mississauga on July 7th. Both McCallion’s letter and Metrolinx’s reply can be found here (pdf). In her letter Mayor McCallion says: […]

Meeting with Steeles L’Amoreaux Action for Neighbourhood Change

On July 21, 2010 we met with residents from the Steeles L’Amoreaux ANC. The residents are very supportive of mobilizing to getting better transit to their community because their commute times can be very long. One resident said that on a good day it takes two hours to get from Birchmount and Finch to Yonge […]

Transit City, no longer for all of Toronto

This slideshow shows how Premier McGuinty’s cuts to the Transit City Light Rail Plan have drastically scaled back what we were promised in 2007. Click the links below the presentation to see larger images of the slides or view the slide show in full screen. Images of the Transit City Light Rail plan shrinking over […]

Meeting with Albion Neighbourhood Services

On July 10th, 2010 we met with Albion Neighbourhood Services. The residents in Rexdale expressed the need for creating new jobs in their community and were distressed to find out that the jobs that would have been created by the Transit City plan have been scaled back quite significantly. Also of concern was the lack […]

Meeting with UofT Scarborough Students’ Union Board

On June 30th we met with the UofT Scarborough Students’ Union Board of Directors. The students were very frustrated with public transit in their community. People were used to traveling over one and a half hours one way to get somewhere in Toronto because the public transit in Scarborough is so inadequate. One student shared […]

Meeting with the North York Community House

On June 29th we were in Lawrence Heights and met with people at the North York Community House. Residents were very concerned about transit because most use it to get to work and many had experiences of long commute and wait times for buses. They described buses that are always full, others that are sometimes […]

Meeting with Working Women Community Centre

On June 21st we had a meeting at the Working Women Community Centre. Participants discussed the frustration of spending over 3 hours a day in transit to get to work or to the services they need. They also pointed out that the service was very inefficient; buses were never on time, the transfer does not […]

Meeting with East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club

On June 18th, we met with the East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club. The participants spoke a lot about having to travel long distances to get to work and school. They stressed that the bus service is really poor, it does not stay on schedule, and that the buses were always full. The youth were […]

Meeting with Rexdale Health Centre

On June 17th we met with community members of the Rexdale Health Centre. The residents of this community were very concerned with a lack of adequate transit in Rexdale. They were aware that buses don’t come to every neighbourhood and in some neighbourhoods in Rexdale residents have to walk a long time to get to […]