10 Extraordinary Movies That Reddit Says Can’t Be Watched Again

Content warning: This article contains discussions/depictions of genocide and war.

Natalie Portman reprises her role as Jane Foster Thor: Love and Thunder which is now in cinemas. Her acclaimed career as an actress led her to star in one of the MCU’s most successful franchises, but although she now plays the romantic role of the Thunder God, no one forgets her outstanding previous roles, most notably her rendition of Nina Sayers on Aronofsky Black Swan.

Darren Aronofsky is famous for making extraordinary films that are really difficult to watch. His remarkable and immersive cinematic storytelling of the darkest aspects of human existence can become an intensely emotional experience that viewers would rather watch. Nonetheless, his films aren’t the only ones known for being both exceptional and unrepeatable, and according to Reddit, those films are also difficult to watch a second time.


We need to talk about Kevin

Redditor Rosehipblue mentioned the film, admitting that she found it “too depressing/disturbing to ever watch again,” and other Redditors agreed. The film is absolutely outstanding in its intimate and effective approach to a tragic phenomenon that has rocked American society for more than two decades, and as such it can be too difficult to watch a second time.

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School shootings have become a problem that urgently needs to be addressed, and it is more important than ever to understand the factors that lead to such devastating events. We need to talk about Kevin achieves a profound and unique narrative that leads viewers to ask the right questions about the psychology behind a school shooter and his family.

Schindlers List

The Girl in the Red Coat in Schindler's List.

TheCarrier89 commented: “I find that a lot of films about real life tragedies are not rewatchable. Movies like Schindler’s List,” which was true for most. Many people go to the movies to escape from reality, and when movies do exactly the opposite, it can be preferable as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Schindlers List is one of the best movies based on true stories and as such it is heartbreaking and painful to watch. The film is so well written, produced and directed that it is impossible for viewers not to be drawn in by the most devastating aspects of the Holocaust. It may be too horrifying to bear twice, but his remarkable portrayal of the horrors of Nazi concentration camps is necessary to keep the story alive.

Unpolished gems

Adam Sandler as Howard Ratner in Uncut Gems.

Redditor joseph4th pointed out, “It was really well written and Adam was stripped of the Oscars, but it was also a punishment.” Adam Sandler portrayed Howard Ratner so well that he was disturbingly repulsive to most viewers who saw him Unpolished gems.

It’s surprising that someone who only acts in comedy films and is known for a very specific role has portrayed a villain so well, but sometimes, as the other titles mentioned have proven, it can win audiences’ respect when you do it too well but fewer views.

Come and see

MonkeyJesusFresco mentioned the outstanding Soviet film about the Nazi occupation of Belarus in 1941. The film is not that well known, but it is one of the most extraordinary films ever made about WWII. Redditor Nexlon added, “I’ve never seen anything that comes as close to being as naked and brutal as Come and See.”

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Every shot in the film is as awe-inspiring as it is chilling, and it’s evident how every aspect has been carefully considered to be a masterpiece. If anyone wants to see a great film about WWII with an anti-war focus, Come and see is a must-see, although chances are nobody will be keen on seeing it twice.


Colonel Mackenzie on horseback in 1917.

Redditor Martyn Lann pointed out, “1917 feels unwatchable in a sense that if I watch it again, I want to see it in a theater. It was so immersive and harrowing that I really felt like I had been thrown into the hell of war. I left the theater still shaking,” describing how most viewers felt after seeing the film.

1917 is one of the best military movies according to IMDb and like any other memorable movie about war it can be difficult to watch. What is really remarkable though 1917 it has transcended cinema history with its bespoke cameras and systems, via (indie wire) that made the whole cinematic experience even more immersive, although the powerful film can consequently feel different on a normal screen.

American History X

The police arrive to arrest Derek in American History X.

User fuzzyjesus spoke for many when he mentioned American History X and said “Amazing film that should be on the must watch lists for school kids but so powerful I’ll never watch it again”. Sometimes teaching children the dates of historical events and summarizing the most important aspects undermines the importance of storytelling, effectively instilling empathy and making students realize that hatred and intolerance should not be perpetuated.

Hence the immeasurable value of films that deal exceptionally with the horrors of supremacism, like the one mentioned by the Redditor. Although too powerful to see more than once, it has a profound effect that is needed for generations to come.

Ex girlfriend

Rosamund Pike looks over her shoulder in Gone Girl

AnnoyingFlightAt2AM shared Gone Girl. But I think that’s mainly because I already know all the twists, so basically I can’t re-watch a great detective/thriller.” Sometimes movies have a script that surprises everyone with its twist, and it does something special the first time.

However, once the story is known it can be boring to watch a second time as the whole intrigue was based on uncovering the truth. Ex girlfriend may be one of those cases for some, and while it’s one of Ben Affleck’s best films, it might not be worth re-watching for those who know exactly what’s happening.

127 hours

James Franco trapped under a boulder in 127 hours

Summing up what most people felt after seeing the film, VictorBlimpmuscle said: “Fantastic film based on a true story with a terrific performance by James Franco but I never want to see it arm amputation Scene never again”. The scene was indeed too horrifying for most people to watch.

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The story of Aaron Ralston is shocking and while his zest for life can be inspirational, it is still very gruesome to witness what he did to survive after his arm was trapped between a boulder and a canyon wall. The story is more extraordinary than the film, but it’s always fascinating to learn how far the desire to survive can reach.

Requiem for a Dream

BrendanClittle stated, “The obvious answer is Requiem for a Dream,” and most Redditors agreed. Many people rank the film among other films that were secretly horror films, as its portrayal of drug abuse and its devastating consequences (through Aronofsky’s distinctive cinematic language) is chilling.

Many of its scenes have become iconic and very important in the history of contemporary cinema, but no one can deny that watching them can be nerve-wracking. consequently, Requiem for a Dream is not a film for laughs or for a lighthearted experience, quite the contrary, which is worth watching just once.


Arthur Fleck in the Joker picture

Ill_Dare_5309 shared, “I was blown away by the acting and the movie itself. I remember months later it aired on HBO Max and I started watching it but just couldn’t get any further.” joker surpassed all expectations with its devastating and accurate social criticism that became too real and therefore difficult to stomach.

The film pointed to very questionable features of society, including the lack of mental health services, socioeconomic inequality, and how cold and indifferent individuals can become when immersed in a capitalist scheme of politics and media. The film might have been about a fictional clown in a fictional town, but its plausibility and superb cinematography made it a one-off for some.

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