15 Stephen King Movies You Can Stream Free On Tubi Right Now

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Stephen King films can cover the whole spectrum. Adaptations of King’s work have brought some of our all-time favorites to the genre; Carrie, The Shawshank Redemption, Misery and the green mile just for starters. Then there were some less-than-satisfying reinterpretations of his stories that left far from a good taste in our mouths. I’m looking straight at you truck.

But if you’re anything like me, you have room in your schedule for Stephen King adaptations, both prestige and trash. Luckily our good friends at tube got us covered. Today we are taking a look at all fifteen Stephen King movies available to watch for free on the world’s leading unpaid streamer.

Some of Stephen King’s best titles ready to pounce on Tubi include the Haunted Hotel classic by John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson 1408. This creepy, tragic and twisted adaptation of the King short story of the same name is well worth a visit.

The second best pick, I would argue, is the 1979 Tobe Hooper adaptation Salem’s Lot. While this is technically a miniseries, I consider this to be film canon until we get a full theatrical adaptation later this year. Besides, who hasn’t been traumatized by little Danny Glick floating in the window with sinister intentions? creepy stuff

Here are 15 Stephen King adaptations streaming for free on Tubi:

  1. 1408
  2. carrie (2002)
  3. cell
  4. children of the corn (1984)
  5. Children of the Corn: Genesis
  6. Scary Show II
  7. Arsonists rekindled
  8. a good marriage
  9. Riding the ball
  10. Salem’s Lot (1979)
  11. secret window
  12. Sometimes they come back
  13. Sometimes they come back… for more
  14. truck
  15. Unearthed and Untold: The Story of the Pet Cemetery

Another Stephen King adaptation that’s free to stream on Tubi that I’ll be making time for is the creepy and underrated Mick Garris joint Riding the ball. Released in 2004, Riding the ball features excellent performances by David Arquette and Barbara Hershey. The novella of the same name was published in 2000 and is considered the world’s first mass-market e-book.

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Riding the ball

Last but not least, what do you think? Will you watch any of the above Stephen King film adaptations on Tubi before they go away forever? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always here to chat about all things Stephen King!

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