2022 Fantasy Football Quarterback Projections: Jalen Hurts and Jameis Winston climbing, rookies still missing

The first question I would expect when discussing post-draft projection updates is “Where are the beginners?”. At the quarterback position, that’s a question this round of extrapolations won’t answer. This can be explained, at least in part, by the fact that only one quarterback was picked in the first two rounds of the NFL draft. Kenny Pickett is (for now) the only quarterback we can reasonably expect to start more games than the veteran before him. Why not me?

That’s partly because I’m not entirely convinced of Pickett, and also because I don’t think Mitchell Trubisky is as bad as his reputation suggests. Most importantly, I don’t think Mike Tomlin is planning anything other than making the playoffs this season, and I’m not convinced he’ll see Pickett as a better option to help him achieve that goal this year to be achieved in 2022. But even if Pickett were there, according to the predictions below, he wouldn’t be ranked higher than Trubisky’s 20th place.

Don’t let the lack of beginners fool you into thinking these are the same old April predictions. Jalen Hurts and Jameis Winston’s placements should be enough to prove it.

Hurts has jumped to No. 6 in the projections and he’s closer to Josh Allen at No. 1 than Kyler Murray at No. 7. I expect the acquisition of AJ Brown will mean both more passes and more efficient passing for Hurts, who also as second leading rusher at quarterback behind only Lamar Jackson. Hurts will likely be a top-five quarterback next year if he just stays healthy, but if he makes a leap himself, he absolutely could be the one #1 Quarterback in Fantasy.

Although I don’t think Jameis Winston could actually be that As the No. 1 quarterback in Fantasy, he absolutely could be a No. 1 quarterback this season. If Michael Thomas can be 100% healthy, that should probably be our expectation. Winston’s Saints added one of my favorite rookie wide receivers, Chris Olave, and full-time pro Jarvis Landry to the receiving corps last month. Combine them with Thomas and Alvin Kamara and suddenly the Saints offense looks above average, if not better.

Of course, the Saints’ offense comes with a degree of risk. Kamara could still be banned because of the Las Vegas altercation, Thomas may never be the player he once was and Olave is a rookie. So I would understand if you would rather take Derek Carr than Winston for the sake of stability, especially in a league with two quarterbacks. This is a good reminder that projections are not rankings and I would not derive solely from them.

What I like to do is use projections to see where players have similar projections but massive differences in ADP. I would guess Hurts, Winston, and Kirk Cousins ​​will all do positively by that metric. Cousins ​​always does.

One final note before we get to the actual projections: don’t be discouraged by what you see for Trey Lance, Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, and Zach Wilson. They’re bottomless high-upside guys in a league with a quarterback. Their projection is basically irrelevant to their value as their value is currently mostly theoretical. I rate them all higher than I projected them to be.

Here’s the May update for my quarterback predictions for 2022:

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