2022 Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Outlook

Fantasy football has become hugely popular in recent years, inspiring camaraderie among friends and family, workplace conversations and even some heated arguments, such as who’s who? B. MLB players hit each other in the face about an IR dispute. Whether you play for fun, for pride in your friend group, or for money, Fantasy Football has something for everyone and is here to stay. To avoid being the “homer” in your league and only drafting Green Bay Packers players, let’s talk about who can win to win your fantasy leagues.

For this Green Bay Packers fantasy football look-out, I want to clear up a few things first. For starters I’m talking about season-long leagues, daily fantasy is something that’s more about specific matchups and injuries week by week. Second, fantasy football should be fun for you, so if you want to put Aaron Rodgers in the first round of your draft league, I don’t blame you for having fun. Finally I will be most of time Follow the advice for a 10-team league, although I will sometimes list an “area” a player should be drafted into, which allows for some wiggle room in terms of league size.

I would also like to start by explaining some terms I will be using for anyone who is new to the fantasy world and might want to get involved this year. A “standard league” refers to standard scoring rules, points are decided based on yards, touchdowns and turnovers. “PPR League” refers to any league that uses a points-per-receipt scoring format in addition to the standard scoring rules. 0.5 PPR refers to any league that, you guessed it, awards a player half a point per reception. Finally, a “Snake” draft order refers to a draft format where the team that made the first choice in the first round has the last choice in the second round, the player with the second choice has the penultimate choice in the second round, and so on .and this sequence continues back and forth until the design is complete. I’d also advise that if your league doesn’t use a snake order scheme, you should find a new league – but I digress – let’s get started.

Are there any Packers players worthy of first round picks?

I’ll start by saying yes, there is…in some cases. Aaron Jones is by far the most viable player in this Packers roster when it comes to making big fantasy points week in and week out in 2022. Fantasy players like to start with their running backs for a reason, they touch the ball more than any pass catcher, they can always score on the goal line, and getting the right running back every week is plug and play. My hesitancy to directly call Jones a worthwhile first-round pick stems from the details of some of your leagues, those details being the number of teams as well as the scoring format.

If we’re talking PPR or 0.5 PPR, it almost doesn’t matter how many teams are in your league, Jones should be in the top 4 or 5 running back from the board and no less than the 8th player overall. The Packers still have an MVP quarterback, and Aaron Jones has slowly blossomed into an incredibly talented pass catcher for him. You don’t have to worry about AJ Dillon cutting into Jones’ carries when Jones is averaging about six goals a game, and it looks like he is. Aaron Jones averaged 4.3 goals per game last season with the top receiver in football on his team, and it’s fair to say there are some free receptions where Adams can get out of the picture. I’d also like to note that last season in Davante Adams’ lone absence, we saw Aaron Jones targeted 11 times, and he made seven of those passes for 54 yards, which made for a nice outing. In short, if you’re playing in a PPR league, aim for Aaron Jones as early as possible unless you have a top 4 pick and like your other options better.

Things get a little trickier in standard scoring leagues. I like Aaron Jones as a 5th or 6th running back off the board in standard format, but since there’s less reason to take pass catchers early in that format, he might just be the right choice with a choice of seven to ten depending on that , as your draft board falls. I wish I could get a receiver ready early so you have a “plug and play” guy that you don’t have to worry about every week, but there’s really only one or two players that make that decision over an Elite -Mag Jones, so choose wisely. If you’re in an eight-team league then Jones might be an early second-round option, but if you’re in a ten-team league with the last pick in the first round, I’d advise going with Aaron Jones, if he’s there (and if you’re in a snake order draft, you also have the 11th overall pick to play around with).

What other packers should be targeted?

There is, in my opinion, a short list of the remaining Packers players to need being on fantasy teams, regardless of format, league size, etc. I’ll round them up here.

The first thing I’m going to mention is the Packers defense. Defenses in fantasy can be tricky, sometimes everyone waits until the last few turns of the draft to start filling in the defensive spot, and sometimes the best defense leaves the board in the second turn, but the Packers have a top-five defense in the league on paper, so they’ll be a popular choice for a defense. As a sane person, I would sample the draft and wait until the seventh or eighth round at the earliest to pick that defense. It’s always possible to play weekly matchups and waivers on defenses, so don’t break your back reaching for these choices, but know they’re meant to be very good.

Unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers has slipped down on my list of fantasy QBs for the upcoming season. I think Aaron Rodgers is one of the top three quarterbacks in football right now, but his prospects aren’t great. I’d target Rodgers as about a 9th-12th quarterback off the board if I moved in now. The loss of Davante Adams hurts his passing advantage a bit and while I believe he will win football games, with a run heavy offense and somewhat limited mobility he’s not going to win you too many fantasy football games. The QBs with the most imaginative football advantages are the guys who can run and pass almost equally well. This is because rushing provides safe ground, and rushing yards/touchdowns are usually worth more points than passing. Rodgers is an elite talent, but he’ll play mostly offense this season within his capabilities and likely won’t have any MVP numbers in 2022. I’d target Rodgers in the mid-to-late round of the draft, mostly because the disparity between QBs in fantasy is almost irrelevant at times, and on the other positions on offense you’re leveling differences with the game-changing players. Rodgers is a weekly fantasy start for me, but if you have an equally good option on your bench, you might play the better matchup between the two.

Allen Lazard is shaping up to be a good WR2 option for your fantasy team. I’d pick him as a 15th-20th receiver off the board, maybe a bit higher in PPR as he’s likely to be the number one target for a Rodgers-caliber QB. However, the Packers will be looking to spread the ball this season and I think even if Lazard leads the team in terms of goals, he will be touchdown dependent to have those incredible scoring days in fantasy. Not much to say here, except that you can certainly do worse than Lazard as your fantasy team’s second Receiver, but you might not want him as your WR1.

Packers players to stow on your bench

The rest of the Packers players listed will be bench games for various reasons. Robert Tonyan, for example, is someone you should target mid-rounds but you want another tight end to pair with him. This is due to the possibility that Tonyan might not be ready for week one and he might not be incredibly effective in his first couple of return games. Tonyan will get his share of Davante’s missing goals when it’s time for him to arm himself, but he’s not a world champion so it’s probably smart to have another viable tight end on your list.

There are two to three other Packers wide receivers that I like to draw mid to late round in a fantasy draft. Christian Watson, who I would target as early as round eight, and then Sammy Watkins and Romeo Doubs, who I would target in the last two to five rounds of your draft, depending on league size and bench size. Watkins is a desperation or injury game, and like most rookies in the NFL, Watson and Doubs are relatively unknown. Watson might be incredible and he might not get much of an offensive chance this year. Be careful when choosing him to be your team’s savior, but take a risk if you want, it can pay off. Doubs is a similar situation, only I would hide him late. Nobody takes it before the last round or anything unless you’re playing with a bunch of other Packers fans.

Last but not least, AJ Dillon. I would take Dillon off the board as about a 30th RB. He can go earlier, so reach if you want, but rounds 10-12 seem right for Dillon. If Aaron Jones gets injured, you have an automatic starter, so you might want to handcuff the two picks together if you pick Aaron Jones early. Dillon is an incredibly skilled back, and he’s one of the most desirable banked running back options in fantasy. Don’t risk losing a good starter to snag them, but keep them in mind when you start filling your bench (or your flex spot in a 12- or 14-man league where running backs quickly fly off the board).

I know I’ve given advice on where to take these players, but my best advice is this: don’t take them Everyone this player. While some of these are available after my suggested draft round, it’s wise to have variety on your fantasy team. The Packers shouldn’t be losing a game in Fantasy just because they had a bad loss or played against a good defense. Factor in the bye week and you automatically lose if you have too many packers on your list.

Even if you don’t follow my advice or care about my rankings, have fun playing fantasy football this year. i know i will


Zack is a college student and cheesehead from California. When he’s not in class or writing, you can find him on Twitter talking about the Packers at @Zack_Upchurch.


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