2022 UK Athletics Championships schedule and start times

Dina Asher-Smith and Keely Hodgkinson will highlight a star-studded field at the British Athletics Championships in Manchester this weekend.

The meet comes before a full summer and serves as a qualifier for the World Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

The Commonwealth Games will also be held in Birmingham and many of the stars named in England’s 72-man athletics squad will compete.

At the British Championships, Asher-Smith runs the 100m in Saturday’s final, while Hodkinson is going for gold in Sunday’s final.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the British Athletics Championships, including full times and schedules.

How can I view it?

The action will be shown live on the BBC Red Button and on the BBC Sport website.

When does it start?

The promotion starts on Friday 24th June at 2 p.m. until Sunday 26th June.

What is the schedule and tee times?

Friday June 24th

14:00 Men’s 100m Decathlon Heats

14:40 long jump decathlon men

16:00 400m hurdles men round 1

16:12 Shot Put Decathlon Men

16:30 Men’s 100m Round 1

17:35 100m women round 1

18:00 High jump decathlon men

18:20 400m women round 1

18:50 Men’s 400m Round 1

19:20 Men’s 1500m Round 1

19:44 1500m women round 1

20:10 3000m U20 women final

20:25 3000m U20 Men Final

20:40 400 m decathlon men heats

Saturday June 25th

10:00 100m hurdles heptathlon women heats

10:16 Men’s 110m Hurdles Decathlon Heats

11:00 High Jump Heptathlon Women

11:04 discus throw decathlon men

12:20 Javelin Women’s Final

12:50 Pole vault decathlon men

13:20 110m hurdles men round 1

13:31 High Jump Men Final

13:45 Men’s 800m Round 1

14:10 Discus Throw Women Final

14:15 Women’s 800m Round 1

14:45 400m hurdles women heats

14:49 Triple Jump Women Final

15:15 Men’s 400m Hurdles Final

15:25 Men’s 100m Running Final

15:30 Shot Put Heptathlon Women

15:35 Women’s 100m Ambulatory Final

15:45 Women’s 1500m Final

15:53 ​​Javelin throw decathlon men

15:56 Men’s 1500m Final

16:05 Men’s 100m Semifinals

16:16 Pole Vault Men Final

16:30 100m women semifinals

16:50 Shot Put Men Final

16:55 Men’s 3000m Steeple Chase Final

17:08 Women’s Long Jump Final

17:15 Men’s 110m Hurdles Final

17:25 Men’s 400m Final

17:35 Women’s 400m Final

17:40 Hammer Throw Men’s Final

17:45 Women’s 200m Heptathlon Heats

18:00 Men’s 1500m Decathlon Final

18:15 Women’s 5000m Final

18:40 Men’s 100m final

18:50 100m women final

Sunday June 26th

10:30 Javelin Throw Men Final

11:35 Long Jump Heptathlon Women

11:38 Shot Put Women Final

12:00 Women’s 5000m Walk Final

12:32 Discus Throw Men Final

12:35 Men’s 5000m Walk Final

13:02 Triple Jump Men Final

13:05 100m hurdles women heats

13:35 200m women round 1

14:02 Women’s High Jump Final

14:05 Men’s 200m Round 1

14:10 Javelin throw heptathlon women

14:16 Women’s Pole Vault Final

14:35 Women’s 400m Hurdles Final

14:45 Para 1500m Men Final

14:55 100m hurdles women final

15:05 Women’s 3000m Steeple Chase Final

15:17 Men’s Long Jump Final

15:20 400m Wheelchair Men’s Final

15:25 Hammer Throw Women’s Final

15:28 Wheelchair Women’s 400m Final

15:38 Women’s 200m Final

15:47 Men’s 200m Final

15:56 Women’s 800m Heptathlon Final

16:10 Men’s 5000m Final

16:35 Men’s 800m Final

16:45 Women’s 800m Final

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