A snub in the NY Jets schedule gives them something more to play for

A snub from the national airwaves further proves that victory will be the best medicine for the New York Jets’ woes

Any debate about whether football is America’s new national pastime should end with the annual release of the NFL’s regular-season schedule.

Revealed in the midst of the NBA and NHL’s respective postseasons, merely appending times and dates to matchups that were known months (some even years) in advance leads to a barrage of analysis and predictions that frankly could have started in a matter of seconds Hit triple zeros at the Super Bowl.

However, unlike the other off-season events that have reached ridiculous proportions (i.e. the entire drafting process), the scheduled release day does nothing to make or worsen a team’s fortunes.

It’s not as if the New York Jets are rewarded for an outstanding offseason with additional matchups against the league’s reigning basement dwellers from Jacksonville (they still only have one, scheduled for Dec. 22). They can collect all the first round picks they want; nothing will take the quadrology against the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots off the table.

But no one needs to tell you that this was a different offseason for the Jets, one that has the potential to change the definition of the franchise. Thus, in the case of the Jets, even the inconsequential, if not hyped, release of the schedule had a reward: those in power gave them something to keep playing for.

Mere personal pride should be enough for the Jets to better themselves. The 11-year playoff drought is egregiously bad even by Gang Green’s standards, and that should be motivation enough for this offseason, which somehow may have passed a little to Good.

However, there is no denying that it would have been nice to have had that progress endorsed and confirmed by a source outside of Florham Park, namely the league itself. The release of the schedule is the day, and probably the only one, that such official confirmation is merited, with the currency in question being appearances in the exclusive Sunday, Monday or Thursday night windows.

But with all the improvements the Jets have made, and one of the youngest and most social media-friendly quarterbacks in football, the Jets have had only one occasion where their game will be the sole source of NFL activity, and this only competition (the Jaguars’ visit mentioned above) will not be available to fans outside of the tri-state area unless Amazon Prime is in their streaming arsenal, thanks to a new deal that will stream Thursday night’s games from the away from traditional radio waves.

You’d think the sheer connection to the New York market…or even the potential to create more memes at the team’s expense (two of their most common Monday night appearances led to the “OUT INDEFINITELY” and “I’m seed ghosts” craze ) … would buy the Jets some national time.

But her fans will have to “wait all day for Sunday night” for the 11th consecutive season. To put that in perspective, Jets fans have never had a pre-game serenade from Carrie Underwood, as the acclaimed singer took on the Peacock network’s football theme two years after she last performed in 2011 (a year, if you put that counting the infamous “Butt Fumble” game that NBC aired on Thanksgiving 2012).

Jet's X-Factor Membership

Frankly, the lack of national recognition is an additional source of incentives and incentives for the jets to take advantage of. It’s yet another way of letting the Jets know there’s no time like the present when it comes to regaining professional relevance. It’s easy for a fan or player to be tempted by the Jets’ off-season. Such seduction could lead to a sense of complacency and satisfaction. That’s the last thing the Jets, a team conned by false prophets, need.

Bulletin board material from, say, Buffalo, Miami, or New England is one thing. When it comes from the NFL itself? That could be a whole new story entirely.

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