AIADMK, DMK in the war of words about Udayanidhi Stalin’s film in Puducherry

Puducherry, May 23 (IANS): AIADMK and DMK have engaged in a war of words in Puducherry after the latter asked the prime minister for a tax break for DMK leader Udayanidhi Stalin’s film “Nenjukku Needhi,” which is based on an anti-caste narrative.

DMK-Puducherry unit leaders had asked Chief Minister N.Rangasamy to grant tax exemption for the latest film by Udayanidhi Stalin who is the MLA of Chepauk in Chennai and son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin.

However, the AIADMK leadership refused, and Puducherry East party state secretary K. Anbahazhagan said in a statement that the DMK was trying to divide people by caste.

Anbazhagan said in the statement that DMK has never paid tax exemptions for the welfare of registered caste communities in Puducherry and that the party is directing a drama for Stalin’s son’s film.

Puducherry-led opposition leader and DMK faction leader R. Siva had urged the prime minister that the film “Nenjuku Needhi” was based on caste discrimination in the country and that even after 75 years of the country’s independence, caste-based inequalities persist in the people Educational institutions, government offices and public places in India. The film also shows how Article 15 of the Constitution prohibits discrimination based on religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.

The DMK leadership also said the film spreads the message of equality to future generations and aims to tell the stories of marginalized people and promote the creation of a socially just society.

The AIADMK countered DMK’s arguments by stating that there was no caste inequality in Puducherry and that the people of the Union Territory lived with feelings of brotherhood, having put caste and religion aside.

AIADMK leader Anbazhagan, in his statement, urged Prime Minister N. Rangasamy not to accept DMK’s request to grant income tax breaks to Udayanidhi Stalin’s film.

He asked the DMK MLAs if they were concerned about the well-being of the members of the Scheduled caste and asked if those MLAs had proposed any plans for the well-being of the community at all.

AIADMK’s Puducherry Unit said that the UT government paid the fees for SC students but the Tamil Nadu DMK government did not.

Puducherry’s AIADMK leadership also urged the Chief Minister not to grant the film a tax exemption as it would create false precedence.

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