Amazing Race and Survivor are merging for the first time this fall – blurring reality

Two of CBS’ longest-running reality contests, The amazing race and survivorare paired for the first time.

Both shows had previously been renewed, so their return isn’t news, but when the network announced its fall 2022 schedule today, it included the message that both will air on the same night at the same time of year.

Amazing race and survivor have of course overlapped on some nights in the past. For example, in 2019, TAR 31 premiered in mid-April and aired the same evening Survivor: Edge of Extinction for four weeks.

But they’ve never aired entire seasons at the same time on the same night.

That’s because Amazing race has been whipped around CBS’s schedule over the years while survivor remained constant: first on Thursdays, now on Wednesdays.

CBS planned to air the two together in fall 2020, but as network executives admitted, that was a “hopeful,” “highly unlikely” schedule.

CBS Fall 2022 Wednesday evenings

Phil Keoghan, Amazing Race 24, Start
Phil Keoghan competes in The Amazing Race 24 in 2014. (Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS)

CBS Wednesday nights will now be a three-hour reality TV block:

Since I can’t just be satisfied, I wish CBS had experimented with 90-minute episodes of TAR and TAR survivorbut this is exciting.

CBS described the night like this:

Two iconic reality series lead to a new unscripted romantic adventure competition inspired by The Love Boat. The groundbreaking hit series SURVIVOR, hosted by Jeff Probst, begins at 8:00 p.m. At 9pm, the world-spanning, Emmy Award-winning THE AMAZING RACE returns, hosted by Phil Keoghan, leading into the new romantic adventure competition THE REAL LOVE BOAT at 10pm. Set aboard a luxury cruise ship in the Mediterranean, the show caps an exciting, unscripted night.

The True Love Boat on CBS

CBS hasn’t announced exact premiere dates yet Amazing race 34 or survivor 43but they will probably be mid-September.

Typically survivor‘s premiere will air the same evening as Big Brother‘s final, so if that happens again this season, it’s possible Amazing race and love boat would have their premieres a week later survivor‘s

But with this new three-hour reality TV block, I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS premiered and exited all three on the same night, either Big Brother end by itself.

CBS won’t have any other reality TV shows in the fall schedule, though it’s calling now 48 hours a “true crime docuseries” that, okay, fine.

Meanwhile, the fourth season of Phil Keoghan’s other great series, ToughThe film was shot at the end of 2021, but it does not yet have a premiere date. Neither do CBS’ other recently announced unscripted shows. great fan and RuPaul’s new/old game show.

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