AMC FearFest teases its October opener

Horror film fans know that every day brings us that little bit closer to the spooky time of year, and AMC was pleased to give us another hint that our favorite time of year is just around the corner, confirming that this year’s FearFest is scheduled to begin October 1. In previous years, the event had to wait until mid-October before rolling out hour after hour of scary stories, although in recent years the list of scary films has expanded, allowing audiences to watch their spooky offerings throughout the month. While the full schedule and lineup of the films has yet to be announced, let’s remember that the most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner.

In addition to allowing viewers to watch FearFest on linear television, the launch of AMC+ has also allowed fans to see an ever-growing list of horror titles also available on the streaming platform. However, many would argue that one of the best parts of October is being able to keep your TV turned on AMC throughout the month to check out the various scares the network is airing.

Last year’s FearFest featured several entries from the Candyman, Children of the Corn, Final Destination, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Hellraiser, The Omen, Scream, Tremors, and underworld Franchise. Given how popular many of these franchises are, we can probably expect more of them to return for 2022.

In addition to feature films, FearFest also highlights original content from Eli Roth’s horror story to Shudders scary showas well as the ever-expanding world of networking the Walking Dead Title. With the final episodes scheduled to air in October, we can certainly expect plenty of marathon events that go beyond just partying the Walking Dead right, but also highlighting spinoffs Fear the walking death, The Walking Dead: World Beyondand Tales of the Walking Dead.

Which will probably come as a relief the Walking Dead Fans know that the upcoming series finale tries to offer a conclusion to the journey, rather than just closing a chapter that sets up more spinoffs.

β€œThe final is about the finish the Walking Dead history, no spin-offs”, Living Dead Universe Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple made the announcement during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. “There’s room for these spin-offs, but full on, the Walking Dead Finale closes the story of those 11 years. We didn’t want the spinoffs to get in the way of that happiness. I think they live very nicely together.”

Stay tuned for details on this year’s FearFest on AMC before it begins October 1st.

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