Amy Grant out of hospital after bike accident

Published: August 3, 2022

Photo from Amy Grant’s Instagram

Amy Grant out of hospital after bike accident

From Movieguide® staff

Christian singer Amy Grant will be taking a break from her August concert schedule to recover from a bicycle accident last Wednesday.

“Amy Grant was in an accident after hitting a pothole while riding a bike with a friend (note: she was wearing a helmet). After a brief hospital stay to treat her injuries, doctors have directed Amy to have additional recovery time at home, where she is now resting comfortably,” her team said Posted on the singer’s Instagram page.

This comes two years after the singer underwent open-heart surgery for PAPVR, a rare condition Grant was born with but wasn’t discovered until later in life, like Movieguide® previously did reported.

While Grant is stable, she has rescheduled her August concerts in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Johnson City and Wilmington to April and June 2023 due to “medical orders.”

“All tickets will be redeemed on the new performance dates. There are no other changes to their tour schedule at this time,” the Instagram post reads added.

PERSONS reports that Grant was taken to Vanderbilt Hospital where she was treated for cuts and abrasions. She stayed in the hospital for a few days for observation and treatment after the accident and has since returned home.

The accident comes just days after Grant was named one of five recipients of this year’s Kennedy Center Honors.

she will to join Singer Gladys Knight, actor George Clooney, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Tania Leon and rock band U2 December 4 at the Kennedy Center Opera House.

“Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined receiving these prestigious Kennedy Center Honors,” said the singer said. “Over the years I’ve watched so many of my heroes being serenaded by colleagues and fellow artists, always moved by the ability of music and film to bring us together and see the best in each other.”

Movieguide® before reported on Amy Grant’s Kennedy Center Honor:

Amy Grant and Gladys Knight can add Kennedy Center Honorees to their awards, alongside rock band U2, actor and philanthropist George Clooney and Pulitzer Prize winner Tania León.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would ever receive these prestigious Kennedy Center Honors,” Amy Grant said in response to the news.

The six-time Grammy winner continued, “I can’t wait to celebrate with my other honorees, friends and family. Thank you for expanding the circle to include all of us.”

Grant even made it into cinemas with the Netflix film A WEEK AWAY.

Gladys Knight, aka “Empress of Soul,” the Movieguide® Awards gala, shared her excitement at being an honoree by saying:

“I am incredibly honored to be part of this prestigious group of people, past and present. As a young girl starting my career, I could never have been told that I would be honored on a stage like this, with artists and philanthropists like these – it just wouldn’t have been possible. It would have been the dream of all dreams. I have been blessed with so much in my life and it certainly ranks high on this list with these achievements.”

The seven-time Grammy winner opened up about how her mother was a role model of faith, even praying with her and her fellow The Pips band members.

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