Analytics expert discovers major flaw in Commanders second-half schedule

The Washington Commanders’ 2021 schedule has been unforgiving.

From seemingly every superstar quarterback in the league to five straight games against the NFC East to close out the season, four of which were against the Cowboys and Eagles, it’s no surprise their 2022 table is a lot lighter.

The Commanders will have two incredibly easy stretches, including their first two games and their four-game run before the bye. In terms of potential pitfalls, having to wait until week 14 to enjoy the bye on a 17-game schedule isn’t ideal, and the final three competitions are far from easy and could define their season.

At first glance, the schedule is positive. Between the combined win percentage of his opponents from last year and those opponents’ expected win totals, Washington should end the year with more than seven wins.

However, a damning discovery was brought to our attention by analysis whisperer Warren Sharp, founder of Sharp Football Analysis. Basically, the Commanders, Jaguars and Jets have all received a brutal hand from the NFL.

The Commanders’ schedule for the second half has a major hidden flaw.

It would be one thing if the Commanders played against teams that survived the elusive mini-bye early in the season. That should happen to most clubs. The fact that it’s happened four times and all four matchups occur in the second half, including two of the last three weeks, is absolutely ridiculous.

In Week 10, the Eagles will have a whopping 10 days off before taking on Washington, who will travel to Philadelphia for Monday Night Football that week. The week before, Philly will have played in Houston on Thursday night. The Commanders, on the other hand, will have played Minnesota at home on Sunday.

The same goes for Week 13 against the Giants. Last week, New York played Dallas on Thanksgiving, giving them 10 days to prepare for the Commanders, who would play Atlanta at home on Sunday. It’s a full week off for Ron Rivera’s side, but three days less than the G-Men.

In Week 15, the 49ers play football against the Seahawks on Thursday night before heading home to Washington on Christmas Eve.

This is another Thursday affair for a team before they go head-to-head with the Commanders, who will be recovering from a Sunday game against the Giants that could be rescheduled to primetime given kick-off time has yet to be determined.

And finally, we arrive at week 18, when Washington will host the Cowboys on Sunday at a date to be determined. Want to guess when Dallas is playing the week before? You guessed it, Thursday night vs. Tennessee on Amazon Prime. The Commanders, meanwhile, get the Browns that same Sunday.

Sharp hits the nail right on the head.

At the end of the day, the disappointments far outweighed the improvements made to the NFL schedule. While there are more midweek away games, telling the rest of the disparities is a huge issue and so typical that it affects the Commanders more than the league’s other 29 teams.

Anyone ready to form an alliance with fans of Jets and Jaguars?

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