Arizona Wildcats Football Training Camp Report: Day 1

With mostly morning practice during the preseason, Arizona hopes to avoid both the extreme midday heat and summer rainstorms of Tucson. It was 1 to 2 on day 1 of the training camp.

Light rain fell as Arizona’s first practice session began Wednesday morning, and the clouds cleared for the second half of the 100-minute practice session. However, despite having access to an indoor court, the team practiced outdoors all the time, with most of the activity taking place on a second grass court south of the beach volleyball courts.

Expect the Wildcats to spend most of camp on these outfields, Coach jedd fish said as UA prepares for a Sept. 3 season opener in San Diego State that will be played on grass.

“I think grass is the benefit of being on grass as much as possible,” he said. “Feels better on your legs, it feels better on your body. A nice playing surface.”

Arizona Stadium has a new turf for 2022, but it’s an artificial turf like the one that’s been there since 2013. When asked if he wished the pitch was grass, Fisch made it seem like that wasn’t possible.

“It wasn’t a situation where we really had an option,” he said.

Beyond the surface itself, access to a second outfield (and third overall) can help Arizona in its plan often split the team to get more replays for more players.

“It opens the practice,” said Fisch. “You get a slightly better sense of being able to talk through something like hey, that’s what the top programs have, those are the two big grass fields, the indoor facility and they’re just expanding that with our boys. And let them understand that the more we can give them, the better they will be.”

The first practice session wasn’t heavily influenced by live games, with players only wearing helmets, and will likely not take place until next week when the team is in full pads. Fisch said shoulder pads can be added in practice #3 on Friday, with full pads coming in practice #6 on Tuesday.

All red zone, all the time

Arizona only used the extreme edges of its fields on Wednesday, working exclusively in the red zone to improve in that area. Last year, the Wildcats were historically poor on both sides of the ball, scoring touchdowns on less than 31 percent of red-zone possessions while missing TDs on more than 76 percent of the time.

“We lived in it all morning, we’re going to live in it all morning for the next four days,” Fisch said. “We weren’t in (middle)field once. We won’t be in the field at all for the next four days. Anything we’re going to do inside the 25-yard line.”

Spam (and eggs) or no spam

For as much time as Fisch spent recruiting quarterbacks Noah Fifita and his Servite High School teammates last year, there’s one staple of this group that he’s avoided: spam and eggs.

A common breakfast dish in Hawaii and within the Polynesian community, it’s also featured on Fifita’s mother, Winnona’s (aka @mrsFeef). But it’s apparently not for fish.

“I didn’t receive spam and eggs, and I don’t intend to have spam and eggs, either,” he said.

He’s missing out, quarterback says Jayden from Lauraa native Hawaiian who said he grew up with it.

“When you’re from Hawaii, people say it’s poor man’s food, but it’s our everyday food,” he said.

other personalities

  • Back race DJ Williams, a Florida State transfer who started his career at Auburn, will be in practice Thursday after missing first practice. Fisch said this was due to Williams’ final grade at FSU for not graduating until Wednesday morning.
  • Cornerbacks Coach De Wayne Walker Certainly he has a type when it comes to the kind of players he likes. 2022 signers Ephesian Prysock and Tacario Davis are 6-foot-3 with long arms.
  • Redshirt newbie piston cagewho appeared in the Territorial Cup just last season is in the mix to start at inside linebacker.

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