Arlington Dota 2 Major: Full Schedule, Format, Team Overview and More

Two years later and the first dota 2 The Pro Circuit, featuring rosters from all six major competitive regions, is finally here, and many of the world’s best teams will converge on the Lone Star State August 4-14 for the 2022 PGL Arlington Major.

The biggest factor in the conclusion of the Summer Tour, which is potentially a major turning point in the 2022 DPC season, is that Chinese teams will finally be able to compete in a Major for the first time and not be forced into another foundational replacement for the Regional Finals to compete against each other. PSG.LGD, Royal Never Give Up and Team Aster can finally go head-to-head against the big boys from other regions in the Circuit to delight many fans.

This still won’t be a flawless return to form for the DPC as several teams will play with at least one substitute and Xtreme Gaming has been eliminated from the competition entirely due to visa issues. This means that the field of teams will be weakened to an extent that could affect the results.

Format & Prices

As with the previous Major this season, the Arlington Major will have a slightly reduced roster of 17 teams, which will impact the group stage seeding to some extent.

Each team in both groups competes in best-of-two series, with the top four teams from each advancing to form the top eight teams in the playoffs. The fifth- and sixth-place teams also advance to the playoffs via the lower bracket, while the remaining teams in each group are eliminated at the end of the group stage.

The playoffs will be a standard double-elimination round with best-of-three series until the grand finals switch to a best-of-five.

A total of $500,000 and 4,570 DPC points are at stake, with the latter likely increasing multiple teams’ chances of one of the eight remaining TI11 direct invites. And like most major DPC events, only the top eight teams receive a prize.

dota 2 arlington Big schedule

The Arlington Major will be played for a total of 10 days between August 4th and 14th, with two distinct windows separating the group stage and playoffs.

The group stage will see matches played between the two groups from August 4th to 8th, with teams being seeded into the playoffs or eliminated based on their performance. A total of six teams from each group will advance, making a total of 12 teams in the playoffs.

The main event takes place from August 9th to 14th in a traditional playoff bracket. Fans who attend the event and have purchased a ticket can watch the last three days, including the grand finals, of the event live at Esports Stadium Arlington.

dota teams at arlington Main

OG are back at their best from the previous Major, even bringing back Ceb as a backup due to visa issues, putting them in a good space to win it all again, but with the ever-present threats of Tundra Esports, team spirit, and now the inclusion of another Top contenders in PSG.LGD, the road to the Arlington Major crown looks much tougher than previous events.

Here’s the layout for the group stage, which then feeds into the playoffs based on each team’s performance.

Group A

  • upstairs
  • TeamLiquid
  • Fnatic
  • Talon Esports
  • Misfits (List by
  • Royal never give up
  • soniqs
  • thunder awakens

Group B

  • tundra sport
  • Unit
  • team spirit
  • Natus Vincere
  • BOOM sport
  • Team Aster
  • Evil Geniuses
  • beast coast

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