Astrologer was hired to motivate the team, the report claims

New Delhi: According to sensational reports from the Indian camp, the AIFF has hired an astrologer to help the Indian team ahead of their crucial matches against Afghanistan, Cambodia and Hong Kong.Also read – Horoscope today, June 23, Thursday: Cancer can be promoted at work, romantic day for Scorpio

India had won all three games, resulting in the Blue Tigers topping the group and qualifying for the Asian Cup for the second straight year. This is also the first time India has ever accomplished this feat. Also read – Mario Götze returns to the Bundesliga: a sensible move?

An unnamed team insider told PTI: “A motivator for the national team was appointed ahead of the Asian Cup. It later turned out that the commissioned company was an astrological company. In plain language, to motivate the team, an astrologer was appointed.” Also read – Horoscope today, June 21, Tuesday: Foreign trips for Leo, Scorpio are expected to be successful at work

According to sources, the AIFF paid a whopping sum of 16 lakh to an astrology company that conducted three sessions with the Indian team. Fans, clearly outraged, pointed out how this money could have been spent making football facilities more accessible to the country, which could have benefited Indian football as a whole.

Former India national team goalkeeper Tanumay Bose could not hide his frustration with the AIFF, the governing body of Indian football. He explained: “At a time when the AIFF has repeatedly failed to run proper youth leagues and many prestigious tournaments have had to close, incidents like this will further tarnish the image of Indian football,” Bose told PTI.

If these reports are true, the hard-pressed AIFF Board of Directors would have done themselves no favors in getting the fans’ positive views back. National team manager Igor Stimac, whose contract expires in September, couldn’t hide his displeasure either. In his June 15 press conference, Stimac commented on the AIFF situation: “For such an important tournament, was this the right time to do it? Has anyone thought about how this might affect the dressing room and the players? I don’t go into who is right and who is wrong. It’s not my job. I’m only talking about timing. At such an important time when this is happening, is anyone sane? Nothing would have happened if they had waited another three weeks after so many years.”

To date, no AIFF Board Member has commented on the matter.

Written by Purv Ashar

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