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NEW MARTINSVILLE — Auditioning for ArtsLink’s Monday, June 27 presentation of the Missoula children’s theater production “The Frog Prince” features approximately 50 roles for children of all ages.

Among the roles to be cast are three sisters (who also happen to be princesses), two students playing the lonely frog, Ollie the aspen, clumsy knights, friendly Swamp Things, the well-read alligator, chic flamingos, helpful ducks, a hard-working fly and the mischievous Venus flytraps.

Auditions begin at 9:45 am at the Lincoln Theater in New Martinsville for children in first through twelfth grades. There are also opportunities for older youth directing students to help with rehearsals during the week and take on important responsibilities backstage.

Students wishing to audition must arrive at the scheduled start time and remain for the entire two-hour session. The first rehearsal starts about 30 minutes after the audition.

While about 50 roles will be available, there’s no guarantee everyone who auditions will be cast in the play, Missoula officials are noting.

“This is group audition – no prior preparation is required, but a smile never hurts,” said ArtsLink Coordinator Donna Earley. “Students should be ready to come and have a good time.”

Performances are on Saturday, July 2 at 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the Lincoln Theater. The children rehearse in the theater every day of the week of July 23 from 10:00 a.m. to around 2:30 p.m.

While not all cast members are required at each session, auditioners must have a clear schedule throughout the week and, if selected, be able to attend all rehearsals required for their role.

A detailed rehearsal schedule will be distributed at the end of the audition. Performers scheduled for the full 4.5 hours of rehearsal are asked to bring a packed lunch.

Students of the cast can be summoned to the dress rehearsal before the performance on that day. All of these casts must be available for all scheduled performances.

The Frog Prince is presented in New Martinsville by ArtsLink and sponsored by Fawn and Jim Price. MCT is supported by the Montana Arts Council, a state agency funded by the state of Montana.

The application for grant funding was made to Walmart #2684.

Please call the ArtsLink office at 304-455-2278 for more information or to pre-register. Pre-registration is desired but not required.

Anyone with special needs who wishes to participate is urged to contact ArtsLink at 304-455-2278 to request assistance.

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