Banco BBVA Argentina SA announces dividend payment plan

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Banco BBVA Argentina SA (NYSE; BYMA; MAE: BBAR; LATIBEX: XBBAR) today announced the approval of the dividend payment plan

The shareholders of Banco BBVA Argentina SA are hereby informed that, according to the decision of the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of April 29thth2022, and the meeting of the Board of Directors will take place June 16thth2022, the following dividend payment schedule was approved:

rate No

recording date

date of payment


1 to 7

5th July

July 6th

AR$ 7,679,705,250


August 2nd

3rd August

AR$ 1,097,100,750.


September 6th

7th of September

AR$ 1,097,100,750.


4th of October

5th October

AR$ 1,097,100,750.


November 1st

November 2

AR$ 1,097,100,750.


December 5th

6th of December

AR$ 1,097,100,750.

Each time the dividend becomes available, the relevant payment notice will be issued, containing: i) the amount to be made available to shareholders; ii) the amount per share; and iii) where the dividend payable is subject to any form of tax deduction.

Regarding installments 1 to 7 onwards July 6, 2022 (“Payment Date”), the provision and payment of a dividend of AR$7,679,705,250, equal to AR$12,5339 per share, corresponding to Installments Nos. 1 through 7, will be made available to the shareholders of record on the Bank’s share register 5th Julyth 2022 (“Effective Date”).

In this context it is reported that:

i) The payment of dividends to all local shareholders will be made in Argentine pesos through Caja de Valores SA located in 25. May 362, Buenos Aires City; on working days from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., where all requirements, formalities and billing must be completed in accordance with the official deadlines.

ii) Payment of dividends to non-resident shareholders will be made in securities unless (a) they declare their election to receive them in Argentine pesos, or (b) they fail to notify the custodian accounts within the timeframes described below necessary to convert to make the payment in chattel securities, in which case they receive Argentine pesos.

a) Non-resident Unitholders wishing to receive securities must send written notice to Banco BBVA Argentina SA away June 16thth to 5th Julyth 2022 included, duly signed by the holder or the custodian giving the name of the holder of those shares, for shareholders holding their shares through a depositor (bank, agent or stock exchange).

This notification must be sent to Banco BBVA Argentina SA Att. Ezequiel Serra – addressed to email ([email protected]), at AV. CORDOBA 111, 26th Floor, CITY OF BUENOS AIRESindicating the beneficiary, the number of the principal and the depositor of Caja de Valores SA. or Identification in the Register of Shareholders by the Registrar: Caja de Valores SA., bank abroad to transmit the securities, account number, purpose of payment and other information required for the correct crediting of the net dividend.

It is hereby declared that in case of non-receipt of the notification with the necessary information within the previously communicated period 5th Julyth In 2022, the Bank will pay the dividend in Argentine Pesos according to the procedure described under b) below.

b) On the other hand, non-resident Shareholders who elect to receive Argentine Pesos must send written notice to June 16thth to 5th Julyth2022 inclusive, on working days within this period from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., addressed to Banco BBVA Argentina SA – Att. Ezequiel Serra addressed to email ([email protected]), at AV. CORDOBA 111, 26th floor CITY OF BUENOS AIRESand the credit is made through Caja de Valores SA with registered offices in 25. May 362, City of Buenos Aires; on working days from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., where all formalities and billing must be completed in accordance with the statutory deadlines.

For inquiries or inquiries contact: Caja de Valores SA Telephone: 0810-888-7323 or email [email protected].

American Depositary Share (ADS) holders will receive payment through the Custodian, Bank of New York Mellon, from the date determined by the regulations of the jurisdiction in which the Company’s ADS is listed.

It is expressly stated that the holdings of Shareholders registered at the Record Date are the only ones taken into account for the purpose of paying the declared dividend. Notices given by persons who are found not to be holders of Bank Stock on the Record Date will be deemed not to have been filed and will be null and void.

The distribution of dividends will be deducted, in appropriate cases, from the amounts duly paid by the Company in its capacity as Assistant Tax Officer on personal wealth for the periods 2019 and 2020 from the Shareholders affected by such tax in accordance with the Provisions of the last paragraph of the section incorporated by Law No. 26,452 after Section 25 of Law No. 23,966. It is also reported that according to the provisions of Law No. 27.430, Amendment of Law No. 20.628 of Income Tax (third section without added number after Section 90), no withholding tax is applicable, since the distributed dividends correspond to accrued tax-free profits from periods before the beginning of January 1, 2018.

SOURCE Banco BBVA Argentina SA

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