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At Bavarian Football Works, we cover Bayern Munich about as accurately as anyone not in Bayern. So with the Bundesliga getting ready to take off – and our coverage ready to get even bigger, we thought it was time to dive into what the heck we’re doing here.

When people find our page, sometimes they end up here because of our coverage, sometimes because they might want to read about a fight, and sometimes because they want to rap some chumps on our podcast about Bayern Munich. I think when people come here they like it mostly for the mix of news, opinion, entertainment and general fun that we like to have here.

Heck, some people might even come for ours exclusive grass cover. Anyway, we’re here and welcome anyone who wants to contribute to the discussion.

Knowing this – and with a new season on the horizon – we wanted to put together some answers to your questions and a general guide to what everyone can expect ahead of the start of the Bundesliga season.

Where are you?

We have a global staff that includes many different ages, genders, races, etc. We communicate primarily through a chat channel, although some of us use the phone (Who is doing this in 2022?) or via video applications.

What’s your schedule?

Generally we think in Eastern Standard Time because the moron site manager lives in that time zone, so here’s how we do it (unless breaking news or other important stories come up): 12:00 AM EST, 3:00 AM EST , 6:00 AM EST, 8:00 AM EST, 10:00 AM EST, 12:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM EST, 4:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM EST and 8:00 PM EST. In some cases, we also publish posts afterwards. We will also move posts back up the schedule for a different audience to see.

This can – and will – vary as the news starts to fly, but generally we like to stick to a schedule so we’re not constantly blowing up everyone’s phones with Bayern Munich news.

However, you will see one every day Daily delicacies posted at 12pm EST to get things started (unless we run into platform issues, which will ensure I wake up cursing). If a podcast goes down, we use 2:00 PM EST and 4:00 PM EST for our posts instead of 3:00 PM EST.

Lately you’ll have noticed that we’ve shortened the blocks of space, and that’s because there was a TON to cover.

What are we looking for here?

Bayern Munich and Germany News and Opinion 24x7x365.

As mentioned above, each day begins with a Daily delicacies, which is a mishmash of everything we think is interesting – and features some of the craziest stories and rumors we see. Some other regular features include:

  • Weekend warm-up: A post that goes live every Friday morning featuring some news of the week, song of the week, some entertainment ops and other crazy stuff. This is where we will normally tell you about who we are and what we do.
  • Game Thread/Live Blog: This is our discussion forum for every game between Bayern Munich and Germany. If you want to chat about a game, post in one of them.
  • Observations: After each game, one of our writers will detail what they learned or saw during the game.
  • Match Awards: After each game, one of our writers selects the top performers from each position group, along with a champion of the match.

We also have a network of AWARD-WINNING podcasts including:

  • The flagship show: This is usually published on Sunday evening EST and kicked off with a post at 2am EST (there is this varying schedule). On this show, you could hear between one and three of our people, and it’s usually a rotating cast of characters. On this show, we cover the biggest news and talking points.
  • The weekend warm-up podcast: I usually take the lead and it’s usually a solo show, but I like to have guests with me. On this show I usually come across the “5 things we learned” about Bayern Munich throughout the week and I will also do some entertainment recordings.
  • The preview show: Before games, we release a preview of the game and give our thoughts and predictions on what might happen.
  • The Postgame Show: We want to react once the game is over… just like you! So we released a podcast detailing what we’ve seen in a game and where things could be going because of it.

Additionally, Tom Adams works hard to maintain our social presence on Twitter, helping us stay connected to the community in this way as well.

You only care about clicks, right?

This is the shadow cast on every website… but the number of clicks plays no part in our rationale for what we cover or write. We know some topics won’t pull big numbers here, but we still cover them closely. Ultimately, we’re sure SBN wants us to attract people, but we’re free to not be tied to any odds or numbers. We have a great, engaged community and that eases any thought of having to click the audience. In fact we do – sometimes – mock click bait leads for fun… but we hope you’ll be familiar with them by the time we have fun with them.

Seriously, we like the activity on the site, but we don’t use clicks to measure how well or poorly we’re doing.

Why do you cover broadcast rumours so close?

We cover all the news… transfers, injuries, feel-good stories, history, the women’s team, the youth teams… EVERYTHING. If there’s a hot transfer story, we follow it from A to Z because for many people we’re the source that can give them coverage in English.

For example, in the comments, we were told about our coverage of the transfer of Robert Lewandowski (we were told it wasn’t going to happen), Matthijs de Ligt (we were literally told ‘this isn’t FIFA’) and even Marcel Sabitzer beaten up arriving at FC Bayern Munich where we put an article in the delicacies — and a well-known journalist quote tweeted us to let us know that was trash… until it wasn’t anymore.

We verify the rumors as best we can and for the more speculative rumors we use those delicacies.

When things get super hot (like Lewandowski and De Ligt) we usually have LOTS of updates because – again – we are the English language site of choice for many Bayern Munich fans. Many don’t have the time to google translate to get the gist of a story, so they come here – and we appreciate it.

How do you decide what to cover?

Everything Bayern Munich-related – and some things that aren’t – is on the table. We give our writers the freedom to choose what they want to write about. Of course, there are many opportunities every day. Some things that aren’t time sensitive will be pushed out of the schedule to a later date as more relevant news emerges, but hey…that’s life.

How do you differentiate your reporting with your opinion pieces?

For pure news we try to report without opinion about it. When a writer has an opinion on a news article, we typically create a section called BFW Analysis so they can share their thoughts. Sometimes…opinion seeps in there, but we really try to differentiate the news from what an individual writer is thinking.

Is Tom Adams really English?

#GermanTomAdams is whatever you want – and yes, he’s a Liverpool fan too (we’re not perfect!).

Why are so many of you negative?

There is a mixture here. We have some who just see the great things about who and what we cover and others who think the sky is falling. For a side to be successful, we need different points of view. We have writers of different genders, races, religions, etc. We want to stimulate discussion and provide an opportunity to project different viewpoints. But yes, we do have some people who are negatively biased, but who else would we have to toast when things are going well?

So what’s the point of this? Why are you doing what you are doing?

We do this for the following reasons:

1. The millions of dollars we all make from clicks

1. In general, we all enjoy discussing the general comings and goings with the club. As one of the first outlets to publish the news, it provides a good forum for discussion and reaction – like you might find in an old corner bar or pub. We’re here, some of us are drunk, and we like to talk.

2. It’s fun!

3. Really, it probably is.

Who is the biggest donkey on the staff?

Hmmm…that’s great, but it’s probably me. Ineednoname probably gives me a strong run though.

So there you have it… we’re glad you’re here at BFW. Try to be (somewhat) nice and have good conversations. If you have any other questions, drop them below… and we’ll try to answer them as soon as possible.

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