BCI Debates: Boston College’s Most Anticipated Football Game

Laura: As we approach football season, any thoughts on your most (or least) anticipated games this year?

Curtis: The game I’m definitely looking forward to the most is the Red Bandana game against Clemson in October. Clemson, like last year, will be much more vulnerable and an upset mid-season win against them would do amazing things for this team. I already know how great this atmosphere will be if the BC team is as good as we expect.

Joe: I thought Duke was the red bandana game?

Curtis; nope Duke is on ESPN on a Friday night but not at the RB game.

Laura: Decisions are always made when planning the Red Bandana game. But that’s a topic for another day.

Arthur: There is no point in arguing at this point that the department will do what it will with this game.

Laura: I mean it’s always been a hopeless reason to fight lol. But I’ve derailed the conversation, back to the games you’re looking forward to!
I’m personally looking forward to the Rutgers game because I’ve been getting about 10 emails a day about it since graduating from BC and Rutgers and I want those emails to stop. #1 football fan.

Joe: I think the Rutgers game has the potential to make a real impact; Obviously, if BC has a chance to improve past the .500 mark, this is a game they should expect to win at home. But unlike some early games in the past this is no joke, Rutgers is at least a legitimate opponent and challenges right on day one – we’ll probably learn a lot about the team from this game pretty quickly, they won’t be able to Just doing it Go Vanilla like they’re playing Colgate or UMass. Given the regional rivalry aspect it should be a pretty good atmosphere, it’s usually nice weather etc etc – this should be a fun game.

Niraj: Gotta beat those P2 (lol) teams if you can.

Joe: I can’t really say there’s a specific game I’m “least” excited about – right now I’m really looking forward to all of them, unless and until my bubble bursts and things start to go sideways develop, you know? I guess my answer to that question is that I’m not very excited that the first month of the season includes tough away places at both VT and FSU. Ideally you’d want to come out of September with some momentum, but to have that you’ll probably need to win one of these games – and both are no small feat.

Curtis: Part of the reason Clemson is such an interesting game this year for reasons outside of the Red Bandana atmosphere is that they lost both their offensive and defensive coordinators this offseason. The loss of Brent Venables in particular is a huge blow to Clemson’s defense and we have no idea what the team will look like with Dabo’s new staff. Depending on how things go, it could be a brand new era for ACC football.

Arthur: I think Va. Tech will be a good test match for BC. It’s a tough street game and a decent conference opponent. Good opportunity to see what BC has.

Curtis: I think so too, but Virginia Tech also has the potential to be a pretty bad team this year. A brand new head coach taking over after a disappointing 6-6 season could go a number of ways for the Hokies.

Joe: What is our record at VT since 2007? I have a feeling it’s pretty bad and we get croaked a lot there. So I would circle that regardless of how the hokies are expected.
I looked it up…2-4. Any better than I expected? But yes, some bad blowout Ls are in there, including 40-14 in 2020.

Niraj: All good points and games that I’m looking forward to too. For the rest of the season, I have my eye on NC State, which will hopefully be billed as Phil Jurkovec vs. Devin Leary, whose QB gets hit in the first fight. Both guys are in a pretty big group of potential first-round quarterbacks, and a game like this will help showcase them. Of course, that’s my optimistic assessment that both teams will be good this late in the season. We won’t see them again until 2025, so that’s it.
Assuming college football as we know it still exists…

Curtis: Yes, NC State could be an absolute force this year, and getting them late in the season if they live up to expectations could be huge. At this point, NCSU could be ranked and attempt to win the ACC Atlantic. If only they came to Alumni for that!

Grant: Mmm, I’ve heard this story before. The annual NC State is going to be great this year; No, really this time!”

Laura: “I think I’ve seen this movie before and didn’t like the ending.”

Arthur: NC State is Texas with a fraction of the fan base or expectations. Or history. Or general program quality.

Grant: It’s just like Texas, except in no way.

Arthur: Well, from the standpoint of the high expectations they never, ever, ever live up to.
You know what game we haven’t talked about yet? Notre-Dame. I’ll be optimistic and say this will be a good year, meaning BC will have a chance to upset Notre Dame in their place. That is exciting.

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