Black Adam’s Dwayne Johnson can’t stop, won’t stop, talking about how powerful his DC character is

Nobody expects the publication of Black Adam more than its leading man, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Of course, it’s not surprising that he was the film’s biggest fanboy, considering it was a passion project of his for about a decade before the cameras started rolling. Johnson has been promoting the film for some time, even teasing a possible fight with Superman. And even though the DC Extended Universe movie has been delayed again, it’s still going full steam ahead with the teasers. Now it seems mainly that the jungle cruise The actor can’t, won’t stop talking about how powerful his DC character is.

Given how (more) massive Dwayne Johnson has become in preparation for the superhero movie, it’s only right that the actor should brag about the anti-hero’s strength and power. All fans have seen his progress on his social media. This time was no different, with The Rock posting a behind-the-scenes photo to Instagram. The ever-loving fanboy and hype man for the latest DC entry, he dubbed the character a “protector” who shifts the “superhero paradigm.” To see why the jumanji The actor stayed Black Adam Conductor of the Hype Train, watch his full contribution below.

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