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The channel has become the cornerstone of the Portuguese Football Federation’s content innovation project, which includes the Portuguese Football School – a university initiative solely focused on football.

Canal 11 is an innovative content platform with more than 50 dedicated professionals. The TV channel promotes Portuguese football by broadcasting more than 750 live matches per year (excluding the top two men’s divisions and the men’s senior national team matches), with a particular focus on women’s and grassroots football, and also shows others Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) competitions, including Futsal and Beach Soccer.

Social and responsibility component

In addition to the sporting dimension, the channel’s programming has a strong social and responsible component, offering viewers specific content that promotes inclusion, diversity and accessibility: “Canal 11 has exactly the same goal as the FPF: to reach more boys and girls in football committed. To achieve that, we count on the immense quality of young Portuguese footballers and also on the great passion that Portuguese people have for football. It’s no coincidence that we have a good television audience in the 15 to 34-year-old segment, and we’ve already had phases at night when more women than men watched us,” said Pedro Sousa, the channel’s director, who sees that Project as a “content platform”, much more than “just a TV”.

“Promoting, protecting and developing football”

“We want to help promote, protect and develop football,” says the manager of the FPF project, which will be broadcast on 1 It’s worth showing what hasn’t been shown on Portuguese television before: Canal 11 shows many women’s games , youth football and a lot more futsal.”

In addition to encouraging participation in football and futsal, Canal 11 is also committed to changing perceptions and improving the atmosphere around the game: “We like to debate and discuss tactical aspects; We gladly invite those who understand the game and can explain it. We believe that the more we talk about the game, the more people will be interested in it and more people will want to play it or become viewers and consumers,” added Pedro Sousa.


150 live games every month

5 games on average per day

15 commenters

30 journalists and other full-time positions

30 employees as external service providers

350,000 followers on Instagram

295,000 fans on Facebook

216,000 subscribers on YouTube

65,000 followers on Twitter

21.6% of viewers in the 15-34 segment (the most successful Portuguese TV channel in this age segment)

28.3% women in the total audience

(UEFA Direct 197)

This edited article originally appeared in UEFA Direct 197

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