Cargo Ops and a variety of Sciences fill the Tuesday Crew – Space Station schedule

The space station with the Cygnus spacecraft attached (left) orbits 261 miles above the Pacific Ocean into a sunset.
The space station with the Cygnus spacecraft attached (left) orbits 261 miles above the Pacific Ocean into a sunset.

On Tuesday aboard the International Space Station, the Expedition 67 crew focused on a series of in-orbit maintenance tasks and cargo operations. The septet from the US, Russia and Italy also had plenty of time for a variety of biomedical activities, life science research and Earth observations.

Flight Engineers Kjell Lindgren of NASA and Samantha Cristoforetti of ESA (European Space Agency) met Tuesday morning for cable inspections in four US modules. The pair recorded and downlinked video while narrating the condition of the cable routing through the US Destiny lab module and the Unity, Harmony, and Tranquility modules. The astronauts focused on key areas throughout the station where the cable work needed the most cleaning up.

Lindgren then swapped samples from the Touching Surfaces antimicrobial study to the Mochii electron microscope for analysis. Cristoforetti stowed one of the samples after its microscopic analysis, then proceeded to cargo work on the space freighter Northrop Grumman Cygnus before departing at the end of the month.

NASA Flight Engineer Bob Hines began his day swapping out components in the Combustion Integrated Rack before inventorying the medical equipment stowed in the Human Research Facility’s supply kits. NASA fellow astronaut Jessica Watkins worked on orbital plumbing, collected her blood and urine samples for stowage, and also helped pack the Cygnus cargo.

The three cosmonauts working in the Russian segment of the station today focused on their complement to space exploration and orbit maintenance. Commander Oleg Artemyev studied advanced Earth photography techniques before joining forces with flight engineer Sergey Korsakov on a long-running space exercise study. Korsakov also accompanied Flight Engineer Denis Matveev as he unpacked recently delivered cargo on the supply ship Progress 81. Matveev started his day with atmospheric research before exploring ways international crews and mission leaders could better communicate.

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