Coastal Church plans to revive the Shallotte Coastal Cinema Theater

Coastal Cinemas was once a staple of Shallotte entertainment before being closed by Hurricane Florence.

With all the changes Shallotte is about to bring, lifelong residents like Amy Clemmons say they’re somewhat glad goes back to the way they remember growing up.

“Nostalgia is powerful. It’s like bringing your childhood back,” Clemmons said, recalling her teenage years spent with her friends at the city’s only movie theater.

With little entertainment in the middle of Brunswick County, they went to the Coastal Cinemas at least once a month and hung out for hours before and after the show.

“Thinking back, maybe it wasn’t the best place, it could have been cleaner,” she said. “But we made so many memories there.”

Now, having closed its doors since being damaged by Hurricane Florence in late 2018, broken and boarded up windows are the only new features the cinema is showing.

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