Date and schedule of Escape From Tarkov deletion

That Escape from Tarkov The deletion date and schedule are kept relatively secret by Battlestate Games. We can roughly estimate when the wipe will take place Escape from Tarkov but you’ll never know for sure. However, we can look at when the last wipes happened and make an educated guess as to when the next ones are Escape from Tarkov wipe date and schedule will be.

What is The Escape from Tarkov Wipe?

What is the Escape From Tarkov Wipe

If you’re new to the game, you might be wondering what exactly Escape from Tarkov cloths are. First and foremost, they are Battlestate Games’ way of balancing economy and progression Tarkov to keep the game fresh and prevent players from becoming too strong.

When a wipe occurs, all of your items, weapons, armor, and—you guessed it—money will be wiped from your account in the form of a hard reset. Your account will then revert to its “original” state, as the case may be Escape from Tarkov Issues you have purchased. The cloths also serve to force players to stop hoarding their items and actually use them, as you never know when everything will be wiped from the game. In addition, all quest progress or vendor reputations as well as your level progress are gone.

New cloths often come with new content, with weapons, armor, and items being added to the game alongside various balance changes.

Escape From Tarkov wipe schedule

Escape From Tarkov wipe schedule

Looking at the number of days between each Escape from Tarkov Wipe (minus the first wipe) there is an average time of 151 days between each wipe. However, this is slightly skewed downwards due to some of the earlier ones Escape from Tarkov cloths and lately tends towards 200 days.

Essentially, there are usually two wipes per calendar year, with one occurring roughly in the winter and one in the summer. There is speculation that there will be no more wipes once the game reaches full release, but as it is still in beta the wipes will remain for the foreseeable future.

When is the next wipe date of Escape from Tarkov?

Delete date of Escape From Tarkov

We don’t know an exact date for the next one Escape from Tarkov Wipe, but with the wipe data above we can make an educated guess. If you looked exactly six months after the last wipe, that would be the next one Escape from Tarkov Wipe is due on June 12th, around that time. Unfortunately, there’s also no specific day of the week that Battlestate Games plans to release the wipes, so it could literally be anytime now.

The next Escape from Tarkov Wipe is only announced through their official channels and they usually only let it through a couple of days in advance, although it will most likely be between mid-June and mid-July.

However, one thing that could throw a spanner in the works is the possible upcoming release of the Streets of Tarkov map. The map was first teased in June 2020 and has since received a slew of trailers that many are speculating will arrive with this upcoming wipe. This might push the date back a bit, but only time will tell.

So that’s all the information you need about them Escape from Tarkov Delete date and schedule. If you’re fresh into the game with the new wipe, check out these seven Escape From Tarkov tips to give you a good head start.

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