Disney fans are just finding out a Jurassic Park star has been to Mulan, and the comments are delightful

While Disney released a live-action remake of mulan Just a few years ago, for many people, nothing beat the 1998 animated original. The penultimate film in the Disney Renaissance (Tarzan closed this era in 1999), mulan star future Agents of SHIELD Actress Ming-Na Wen as the title character, a young Han Dynasty woman who pretends to be a man to take her elderly father’s place in the army. mulan also presented Jurassic Park‘s BD Wong as Captain Li Shang, but obviously a lot of people didn’t know about this particular cast, as evidenced by some delightful comments.

To celebrate mulanTo mark Disney’s 22nd anniversary, two side-by-side photos of Ming-Na Wen and BD Wong shooting for the animated film were shared on Disney’s Facebook page. There were all kinds of comments on the post, from people showering compliments on Wen to sharing their favorite mulan songs, as well as a handful of people who were surprised Wong was there mulanis busy. This fan summed up that feeling pretty well:

hold the phone!!! BD Wong was the voice of Shang?!

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