Dolphins 2022 Schedule Breakdown: Three Game Road Trip Good News/Bad News

Probably the first thing that caught the eye when looking at the Miami Dolphins’ 2022 regular season schedule was the three-game road trip that awaits us the first three Sundays of December.

It’s a great place to start our deep dives into the regular seasonal dolphin schedule.


First, let’s note that it will be the 14th three-game road trip in Dolphins history and will take place on December 4 against Mike McDaniel’s old team, the San Francisco 49ers. December 11 vs. Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers; and December 18 against Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills.

After six three-game road trips in the first four years — yes, they had two different road trips in both 1967 and 1969 — it’s happened seven times since.

The Dolphins had three road trips in 1974, 1975, 1980, 1991, 1994, 2006 and 2015.

If we look at historical precedents, this is where the bad news for dolphins comes in.

Even setting aside the three-game road trips of the 1960s before Don Shula arrived, when the Dolphins were still competing in the AFL — and there was even a four-game trip in 1968 — the Dolphins have themselves among those Circumstances not well beaten.

In the past seven three-game road trips, the Dolphins have gone 1-2 four times (1980, 1991, 1994 and 2015) and they have gone 3-0 (1975), 2-1 (1974) and 0-3 (2006) once each.

In those seven seasons of three-game road trips, the Dolphins made the playoffs only twice (1974, 1994).

They finished 10-4 in 1975 but were kept out of the playoffs by losing in tiebreaks when the NFL playoffs featured only three division winners in each conference along with a wildcard team.

On their most recent three-game road trip, which came after the Dolphins fired head coach Joe Philbin and replaced him with Dan Campbell, the Dolphins lost in New England (36-7), lost in Buffalo (33-17) and then defeated the Philadelphia Eagles at 20:19.


The Dolphins are one of three teams set to take a three-game road trip in 2022, and they’ll be in very good company.

The other teams in this situation are the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, who will have their three-game road trip at the exact same time (Weeks 13-15) as the Dolphins.

There have also been three teams with three-game road trips in 2021, and here the precedent is more encouraging for Miami.

The three teams touring for three weeks in 2021 were the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys won their three-game road trip, with Cincinnati going 2-1 and Indianapolis 1-2.

All three teams completed the three-game road trip challenge, finishing with a winning record. Dallas and Cincinnati each won a division title; and the Bengals, of course, won two playoff games en route to reaching the Super Bowl.

However, it should be noted that Dallas and Cincinnati each faced only one team coming out of a playoff season during their three-game road trip, while the Dolphins will face two (San Francisco and Buffalo) along with the Finals-eliminated team Regular season game.

So, yeah, it’s pretty high up there in terms of the challenges the dolphins face in this three-game road trip.

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