Drew Droege returns to NYC with ‘Happy Birthday Doug’ to celebrate his pride

Drew Droege in Happy Birthday Doug (Photo: Russ Rowland)

Happy birthday Doug enjoyed an acclaimed, successful run at the SoHo Playhouse in March 2020 as New York City shut down. In Drew Droege’s hilarious solo show, the performer/playwright lives with nine very different gay men at a messy birthday party in LA. The show is a sequel to Bright colors and bold patternswhich was hailed by as “searingly funny”. The New York Times and enjoyed a five-month run at the Playhouse in 2018.

Now Droege is returning to New York to officially end his streak Happy birthday Doug, just in time for Pride Weekend. Ahead of the June 23 premiere, he spoke to The Broadway Blog about his work both persifying and celebrating gay culture.

Drew Droege in Happy Birthday Doug (Photo: Russ Rowland)

what is Happy birthday Doug around?

Happy birthday Doug is about nine gay men at a birthday party where things go a little wrong. It’s Doug’s 41st birthday, he’s just written a book and everyone’s gathered at a wine bar in LA. It’s his conversations with eight of his friends, enemies, and everything in between.

You first headlined the show during Pride in 2019, right?

Yes, actually it’s the 3 year anniversary of the very first time I did the show, that was in June 2019 at the Dynasty Typewriter in LA. Then a few weeks later I took it to the Soho Playhouse in New York. And that’s exactly what I’m doing now, three years later. I look forward to being back and so thankful we can be back.

What made you decide to bring the show back for this final run of Pride Weekend?

As much as the show is about making fun of horrible gays, it’s also about getting older and hanging on to the people you care about. It’s about friendship, it’s about gay friends. And we can sometimes put that aside in our Pride talks.

That’s so crass, but – to quote myself, in my last piece I have one line: “We celebrate things and make fun of them at the same time. That’s called gay.” We laugh and love at the same time. So that’s always my goal.

Let’s finish with a few quick-fire questions. If you weren’t a performer what do you think you could be?

I’d probably teach English somewhere…hopefully at a college level.

Living in LA – if you’re visiting New York, is there a specific place you need to visit while you’re here?

The Laurie Metcalf play. Because there is always one.

Where would you like to be in life in ten years?

Oh God. I would like to be more relaxed and grounded. Just on the beach, breathing.

While this obviously doesn’t make for a good solo show, you’re relaxed and grounded.

Oh yeah, nobody wants to see me relaxed and breathing. Nobody wants to see me breathe!

Happy Birthday Doug is June 23-26 at the SoHo Playhouse.

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