Dwayne Johnson has reportedly dropped his schedule for early 2023, which could be big news for fans of the rock

Dwayne Johnson is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, and when he takes some time off it’s a point of intrigue for many. This time around, wrestling fans should be particularly interested in what might be going on. Johnson is reported to have essentially erased his work schedule for early 2023, which could be huge for fans of The Rock as there’s a good chance he’ll return to WWE for a short stretch and probably a big match or two.

There’s certainly evidence of that, as Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer (via Causing obligation) reported that Dwayne Johnson is intentionally keeping his schedule clear when 2023 begins. Alvarez explained what the move, if it actually happens, could mean for Johnson at this time:

He will not have any film commitments for the first quarter of 2023, which would allow him to do WrestleMania without having to worry about film commitments, and would also have the time to help launch the first season of the XFL. So the timing for a WrestleMania match this year would be great as he has two different projects that would require him to take time off from film.

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