Dynasty Fantasy Football Running Back Tiers: Miles Sanders, Chase Edmonds and Devin Singletary could move up quickly

The Eagles, Bills, and Dolphins haven’t exactly been goldmines for fantasy scaling back production in recent years, but Miles Sanders, Devin Singletary, and Chase Edmonds are hoping to change that. First they have to prove they are the best defenders on their team, but it’s not hard to imagine how they will be big climbers in the first month of the 2022 season. Then again, they might as well be backup running backs by then. This makes them the more volatile low-end running backs in Dynasty.

The simplest case is probably for Miles Sanders. Still only 25, he averaged 5.1 yards per carry in his first three seasons in the NFL and averaged 83.7 yards from scrimmage in the 10 full games he played last year. His main competition for running back touches comes from former sixth-round pick Boston Scott and last year’s fifth-round pick Kenneth Gainwell. Sanders should deliver value as a low-end RB2 as long as he can remain healthy.

On the other hand, Sanders hasn’t played more than 12 games in a season since 2019 and Scott has had more rushing touchdowns than him over the past three seasons. A good pass catcher, Gainwell is the only defender on the roster that drafted this regime.

Singletary has a little more competition in the second round of 2022 James Cook, but Cook is a pass catcher specialist and Singletary didn’t need a lot of catches to thrive on the track in 2021. In his last six games, including the playoffs, Singletary averaged 17 carries for 71.6 yards per game and had eight rushing touchdowns. Even one catch per game would make that kind of pace special.

But just as Sanders is unlikely to get zero touchdowns again, Singletary is also unlikely to hit as regularly. If Cook really hits the vast majority of targets, it’s hard to see how Singletary can be anything more than a flex, which will leave him in no man’s land in Dynasty.

After all, Edmonds has the most chaotic situation ever. But it could also be the most fruitful. In Mike McDaniel’s first year as Dolphins head coach, he will face off against Sony Michel and Raheem Mostert. McDaniel gives that running back situation a real edge, as do the offensive line upgrades they made in the offseason. Edmonds is the most explosive defender on the team and should already have passing downs. Even 10-12 carries per game could make him a must-start running back and see him jump multiple levels.

The right bet on these backs could have a major impact on your 2022 season. For now, in Dynasty, I let the market dictate what I do with them. I’m willing to buy at medium flex cost but I’m absolutely selling if anyone appreciates them as RB2.

Here are my updated Dynasty running back tiers:

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