Dynasty Fantasy Football wide receiver tiers: Jahan Dotson and Mike Evans move up

I like to joke that the only OTA news or beat writer speculation we really want to act on are things that confirm our previous beliefs. And it’s just kind of a joke — we all love our confirmation bias. Looking at two risers in Tier 4 of my Dynasty wide receiver stages, it’s definitely obvious on Jahan Dotson, but not so much on Mike Evans.

I was higher up at Dotson straight out of the draft, so I loved the rave reports from OTAs. Hit writers, coaches, and even Dotson quarterback Carson Wentz have raved about how good Dotson looked. Speaking of Wentz, I’m not sure how to discount Dotson getting all those reps with Wentz and impressing while Terry McLaurin waits for a new contract.

But even more important are the things I liked about Dotson before all the hustle and bustle. He’s got first-round draft capital, lightning-fast speed (4.43 on the combine), an Elite College Dominator score of 44.3%, and according to Matt Harmon, he’s got that best hands in the draft class.

At this point you might be wondering why the consensus was even lower than mine. I think that’s mainly because he didn’t come out after his junior season. And that’s a perfectly fair criticism based on recent history of first-round wide receivers. But I’m less moved by the argument given what’s happened in the world over the past three years, especially when Dotson was a 21-year-old junior with a 28% goal percentage and averaging 17 yards per catch.

McLaurin getting a new deal might be enough to drop Dotson a notch, but he’d still face where he doesn’t. And if McLaurin is dealt somehow, Dotson could justifiably be the top rookie wide receiver in redraft leagues, which would leap him at least another notch.

Mike Evans is opposite of Dotson in almost every way. He is tall and Dotson is short. He’s getting old (in terms of football), and Dotson is still young. And I wasn’t a huge fan of Evans for most of the offseason, largely because he was drafted as the No. 1 borderline wide receiver and hadn’t even rushed for 1,100 yards since 2019. I was very concerned that the goals would stay low but the touchdowns would regress.

It’s hard to maintain the same attitude given that Rob Gronkowski has retired and Chris Godwin is increasingly likely to suffer a slow start as he recovers from a cruciate ligament rupture. In fact, I’ve given up that attitude altogether. The thing about Evans is that he is elite per objective and he has already shown his ability to earn a high percentage of objectives. We just haven’t seen it in the last two years because the Buccaneers’ offense has been so full of talent. In 2022, that suddenly no longer seems to be the case.

Evans will be 29 before the start of the season, so his Dynasty stat is very closely tied to how he can help his rivals win now. With recent developments taking him to WR8 in my newly created ranking, I believe he can now go a long way in helping a team win. I also think he has an overall advantage in WR1 when things go really bad with Godwin’s recovery. But that aside, it’s hard to see Evans rise far beyond that tier in Dynasty simply because he turns 30 next season, meaning Evans is still a big seller for team rebuilds, it could just be better to wait until his first big game to make the deal.

Here are my updated Dynasty Wide Receiver tiers:

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