EA Sports College Football remains targeting a Summer 2023 release

The forthcoming EA Sports Collegiate Football Revival Game is apparently still aiming for a Summer 2023 release window. We haven’t heard much about the game since it was unveiled last year, but a trusted analyst has revealed that the release date is still on schedule.

What do we know about the new EA Sports Collegiate Football Game?

This became known as early as February last year EA Sports Collegiate Football (formerly called NCAA football) would return. Industry analyst and insider Matt Brown then confirmed that the EA Sports Collegiate Football The deal would cover four games. Now, after a period of silence for the game, Brown has released some new information about it on his Extra Points website. Brown says he has submitted some Open Records Requests for information from either EA Sports or the Collegiate Licensing Corporation (CLC). EA Sports Collegiate Footballwhich will be EA’s first foray into college football gaming since 2013 NCAA soccer 14.

NCAA Football 14, EA Sports' last college football game ahead of the upcoming EA Sports College Football
NCAA soccer 14 was EA’s last stint in the college football world.

EA originally set a tentative release window for July 2023 EA Sports College Soccer Early 2021, and according to new records from Brown as of February this year, that launch window remains in place. Brown says he’s “seen some graphics on social media” that could point to a winter 2023 release window, but says “every document I’ve reviewed,” as well as conversations he’s had with internal sources , confirming a July 2023 release window. It looks like you hope EA Sports Collegiate Football If you’re launching next year, you’re in luck, although of course plans can change before then.

What are EA’s plans? EA Sports Collegiate Football?

It looks like EA Sports will build an eponymous one EA Sports game series; the naming of EA Sports Collegiate Football coincides with the renaming of FIFA to EA Sports FC, although EA has yet to announce renaming plans for its other sports titles. Brown says EA is planning one FIFA-Style Ultimate Team mode for EA Sports Collegiate Football, further suggesting a united front. Dynasty mode will also be part of the game “in a way” according to Brown, and EA appears to take its approach to authentic college football “very seriously”. Apart from that, we don’t know too much about the gameplay of the game yet.

Madden NFL 22, another football franchise from EA
It doesn’t look like EA is going to rebrand Driving me crazy to EA Sports Soccer soon, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Brown and Extra Points also say that EA is currently searching for authentic school band songs, chants and crowd cheers. EA says if institutions can’t provide files for reference, they should “provide the lyrics of the chant” and anything EA might need to try to recreate the chant without the audio. It really looks like EA is serious about creating an authentic college football experience. The CLC says it has currently secured attendance from “nearly 120 institutions, sports conferences and bowl games” at a “conceptual” level, so it sounds like there are still things to be done college football is fully operational.

An obvious wrinkle in building an authentic EA Sports Collegiate Football Game acquires player likenesses. As Brown points out, there is no licensing entity for college football groups, but plans to create one appear to be afoot. Brown calls the likelihood of EA not being able to secure player likenesses “very unlikely”, but if the studio cannot issue player licenses the game may launch without a full list of actual players, and according to a document uncovered by Brown” such a game would also not include the ability to “edit rosters”, meaning that unlike many other cases, players could not create their own versions of the teams. It’s worth reading Brown’s full analysis of the current state of EA Sports Collegiate Football, because he is, as always, an informative and entertaining source. We bring you more EA Sports Collegiate Football as soon as we get it.

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