EA Sports plans to release the college football video game in 2023

College football fans have been without an officially licensed college football game for almost a full decade, but it looks like Electronic Arts is hoping to end this drought in a year.

According to information obtained through a FOIA request from Matt Brown, author of college football newsletter Extra Points, progress is being made toward the anticipated revival of the dormant video game franchise. Multiple requests for information on the video game’s release date from developer EA Sports suggest multiple accounts that the game is slated for a Summer 2023 release.

A summer release date for a college football video game would align with the usual release window for previous college football titles produced by EA Sports. The college football game traditionally released about a month ahead of the release of EA Sports’ latest installment in the popular Madden NFL franchise. Regardless of when the game eventually releases, college football fans with a modern video game console will be ready to jump right back into the action.

EA Sports announced the return to a college football video game franchise with the new working title in February 2021 EA Sports Collegiate Football. The former NCAA football franchise was shut down due to growing concerns over the handling of names, likenesses and likenesses, and lawsuits related to the legal issues involved. But all of that is a thing of the past thanks to the modern NIL era in collegiate athletics.

As student athletes became able to monetize their name, image, and likeness, it was thought it was only a matter of time before EA Sports would develop another college football video game. Creating a game like this may now come with more concerns and obligations than ever before, but EA Sports is reportedly reaching out to schools to begin work on music and audio rights to ensure an authentic college gameday experience to accomplish.

Of Brown;

This question suggests that beyond marching bands, EA Sports is attempting to replicate the stadium experience for each school as closely as possible. So, hypothetically, if your alma mater was playing a specific song at the end of Q3, well, EA is attempting to include that (copyright permitting) in the game. If your group of students has a specific chant, well, EA tries to get everything they need to replicate it.

There is valuable market to be won with a college football game for a fan base that has been playing the same version of the game on a Sony PlayStation 3 for almost a decade. For some, this is the only reason they still own a PS3!

If nothing else, old versions of NCAA soccer 14 are warm reminders of BCS controversies of the past.

Look forward to EA Sports Collegiate Football When will it be officially released? What system will you play on?

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