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Now that school is over I will miss some things. I love summer, but I will miss everyday school life.

And my daughters had great teachers this year, I will miss interacting with them.

And they will miss their teachers. Overall, it was an excellent school year for all of us.

However, I will not miss one thing, the early release on Thursday. I’ve lost count many times, panicked just before 2pm and almost forgot. It also happened so many times that I had to wake up my sleeping baby to pick my daughter up from school.

And maybe there was a call or two from her teacher asking me where I was at 2:15 p.m

Last week I posted a photo of my sleeping baby along with the caption that I hate waking him up due to an early layoff. I’ve never gotten so many replies to one photo. (I’ve never felt so popular either.)

Apparently I’m not alone, all my parent friends hate an early release. A friend says it is so difficult to find childcare or someone to take in their child while working full time.

While school closes just an hour earlier, it’s such a jolt in everyday life. Many of my mommy friends also complained about waking up sleeping babies. A teacher friend of mine who works in another county said an early release would never fly at her school, she said the parents would revolt.

Why do our school district and the independent schools within the district have early releases?

According to Superintendent for SD 54 Mike McDiarmid, teacher collaboration time and professional development are the primary goals for this time. He also said he believes there are many other counties in the province that have such times in their schedules, many of which have a delayed start for students at the start of the school day.

Early Thursdays have been part of the program in this district for more than twenty years. He added that the district has the ability to change the schedule, “but I think there have been very few complaints about Thursdays in the last 11 years that I’ve been here, so I think most.” Parents bypassed the schedule. I know the time is still very loved/appreciated by our teachers and they would not be very happy if it changed.”

Independent schools follow the SD 54 schedule as they used to share a transit system. They don’t do it anymore, but according to a source, teachers are used to it and enjoying it now, and there are no plans to get rid of it.

Maybe I’m being dramatic, but Thursday early layoffs are annoying and should be a thing of the past.

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