“Every time we talk, it starts with an apology” – Despite their sizzling chemistry, Ana De Armas can list one downside of working with Chris Evans in a movie

With the Russo Brothers The gray man Chris Evans and Ana De Armas, who are playing in select theaters, recently spoke about making the action thriller. During the interview, they discussed what it’s really like to film an action scene, talked about the things someone who hasn’t seen their work should see, and joked about what it’s like to work together and get ahead.

Chris Evans and Ana De Armas have spoken about their new movie
Chris Evans and Ana De Armas have spoken about their new movie

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You recently did knife out, The gray manand just finished a project on Apple TV+ called spooky. Additionally, Ana De Armas also joked about Chris Evans’ mint habit and his obsession with good breath, and he also spoke about his iPhone 6 and why he’s not in love with his new phone.

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Chris Evans and Ana De Armas revealed what it’s like to film an action sequence

Chris Evans and Ana De Armas revealed about filming action scenes
Chris Evans and Ana De Armas revealed about filming action scenes

if we talk about it The gray man It’s a strong recommendation to see it in a cinema if it’s available where you live. The action thriller, directed by Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, is packed with amazing fight scenes and action set pieces that look incredible on the big screen.

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When the interviewer asked if they would continue working together out for knives, the gray man, and spooky Chris Evans said:

You know what I mean? She’s the first person I go to and if she says no we explore the pool. But she’s the first to get up.

The interviewer went on to ask about her various projects. And asked if someone has never seen something they’ve done, what’s the first thing to see and why. Chris Evans replied:

Good for you? Is it Marilyn? I mean maybe it’s something we haven’t even seen because let’s be honest Ana is so good at Knives Out. I mean, that’s really the thing that everyone, she kicked down doors with Knives Out, didn’t she? But maybe the best is yet to come. Maybe, is it Marilyn? what would you choose Would you take what would you get?

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Chris Evans and Ana De Armas revealed about filming their fight moves

Chris Evans and Ana De Armas on the Ghosted set
Chris Evans and Ana De Armas on the Ghosted set

They continued with a conversation about the film, which features nine action sets. And asking, since they’re part of these action scenes, for people unfamiliar with the way movies are made, what would you wish more people knew about shooting an action scene? Ana De Armas replied:

Like the level of complexity, like putting all the actors and elements and locations together or whether it’s the studio and the blue screen or whatever, how to make it all work at once and align each other’s energy and characters and all that’s just, it’s very, very complex. And the toll it takes is really exhausting.

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Chris Evans added that beyond this film, they had only done one other film together that required this constant iteration. And when the scene itself just needs a moment of action, the whole setup and moment is devoted to a quick hit.

The gray man is in theaters now and streaming on Netflix.

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