Exclusive! Nahas Hidayath reveals why Anbariv chose to do RDX amid Salaar and Ram Charan-Shankar films

By now, it’s no surprise that the creators of Minnal Murali don’t mind spending the extra cash to bring in the best talent behind the screen as well. For their upcoming project RDX – Robert Doney Xavier, starring Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese and Neeraj Madhav, the creators have commissioned stunt directors Anbariv from KGF and Vikram to choreograph the action scenes.

In an exclusive chat with OTTplay, filmmaker Nahas Hidayath’s debutant tells us how the project got the green light and what went down the ropes in the South’s most in-demand stunt directors today.

“After Minnal Murali, Weekend Blockbusters could have made a film with anyone they wanted; In fact, they had invited scripts from many people. That they’ve decided to continue a debutant’s project is a big deal,” he says. “If you’re a beginner pitching a big-budget actioner, few producers trust you to pull the project off. But producer Sophia (Paul) Ma’am wanted a film that would offer a theatrical experience and bring audiences to the theaters, and that’s probably why they decided to support RDX, which is also a film that does that would attract young audiences.”

The film, which is set to hit the stage later this month, has 5-6 fight sequences. “My request to Sophia Ma’am was that the action scenes in this film had to be on par with those of KGF and Vikram. In terms of budget, we can’t spend as much as the other industries. Even if we bring Peter Hein to Malayalam, we cannot offer the same setup for action choreography as the other industries. In this film, the shots are limited, but it needs to be told through real action scenes. So my only request to Sophia Ma’am was that we need Anbariv as part of the film,” says Nahas, who previously planned to helm a campus action entertainer called Aaravam with Antony Varghese.

Getting Anbariv, who had worked in Malayalam films like Bachelor Party and Kammarasambhavam, on board was not an easy task as they were busy with big projects. “It took them some time to agree as they were already busy with Prashanth Neel’s Salaar and Shankar Sir’s Ram Charan star and didn’t have time. But after hearing the script, they said there must be an action film in Malayalam that could raise the bar as we all draw on references from other industries for our stunt sequences. They also believed in the reasons for the fighting in the film,” says the director, who also directed the short film Color Padam, starring Aswin Jose and Mamitha Baiju.

As for the scope of the sequences, he explains: “It takes about 20 to 30 days to choreograph and shoot an action sequence. That’s the whole movie schedule here in Mollywood. So this film will have scenes that we can do within our limitations.”

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