Pictured: (l-r) judges Travis Pastrana, Nikki Bella, Simon Cowell, host Terry Crews — (Photo by: Sami Drasin/NBC)

When NBC released its fall 2022 schedule earlier this week, the press release made no mention of it America’s Got Talent: Extreme. Speaking at NBC’s Upfronts presentation to advertisers on Monday (May 16), executives said so America’s Got Talent: Extremewouldn’t be on the fall or winter 2023 schedule, but they don’t rule out bringing it back at some point:

From deadline:

During America’s Got Talent returns to the 17thth season end of this month there are no plans to bring them back AGT: Extremewhich ran from the end of February.

It comes after the show had a rather horrific accident during filming that left escape artist Jonathan Goodwin hospitalized and later paralyzed during a stunt.

NBC sources said so though I’ll do it is not on the schedule, network bosses are “not counting it out” and the like, while there are no plans to bring it back family game fight! and AGT: Extremethey might return to future schedules.

After Jonathan Goodwin’s horrific accident, why would NBC bring the show back?

“Terrible accident” is putting it mildly. Jonathan caught fire and fell on his head after a hanging car stunt went very, very, very wrong during rehearsal in Atlanta last October. He spent four months in the hospital and almost died. He recently announced that he is in a wheelchair, paralyzed, probably for life. NBC halted production after the accident to conduct an investigation. The show created by Simon CowellShe began filming again in January. In the end, the series was delayed, only ran for 4 episodes, and failed to garner impressive ratings. I’d bet my apartment the show is never coming back.

Even after the accident, everyone kept quiet about it. The cast never mentioned a horrific event on the show after it aired. And Cowell doesn’t have much to say about it. Will Goodwin sue NBC and the producers? He can? The contracts the perpetrators sign certainly contain phrases like “If you die, it’s not our fault. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” But then Simon counters: “In any case, risk your life! It’s great TV!”

It will be interesting to see if Simon tones down the language a bit in the upcoming season. He is always pushing for dangerous deeds to keep getting ahead. I expect he will tone down that type of language. A former contestant wrote on social media that “… performers can get kind of blinded by the game and sometimes push themselves beyond what they’re normally comfortable with, because if you get a taste of fame it can be corrupting to your own psychology”

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